Long time, no see..

Well yeah, I’m not a great blogger. Probably never was, however I did my best. And I will continue to do so, when life permits.

Since last I wrote, I have been on some other great hikes, dealt with an injury, worked a lot, cancelled a race, added a race (I’ll have a separate post with some running related updates…) and yeah, life has just been a total whirlwind due to all that and then some.

A few highlights of the summer:

View from our camp.

Backcountry weekend with my love

We packed our backpacks and headed out to West Fork Foss River a weekend in July and I loved every second of it. Leaving Seattle and driving up to Stevens Pass after work on Friday, and we got back Sunday evening after 2 fantastic days in the backcountry. No stress, press or commitments – just C and I enjoying the weekend away.

West Fork Foss Up

Nuun Hydration was of course with us.

Nuun Hydration was of course with us.

All we need.

All we need.


This is happiness.

This is happiness.

Walks with friends and dogs

Dog walks

There’s been so many great Seattle walks happening after work and during weekends. It’s been a total savior and energizer in my everyday life. Our friend Jess and her two bulldogs have been accompanying me for many a walks around the city.


Evening trips to food trucks..

..and nature's goodies.

..and nature’s goodies…


YUM. No other words necessary.

Time by the lake

Ah, Lake Washington. And Rainier!

Ah, Lake Washington. And Rainier!

Magnuson Park turned into our favorite spot in the city during hot weekend days. Swimming in the lake, playing rummy and picnics – I love it all.




5) Work

 Work is always going to be work. However I am lucky to actually have a job where I get to work with products I have been madly in love with for years. And there is some fun to be had with work for sure.

Office life, sitting on a desk, and not at a desk works just fine.

Office life, sitting on a desk, and not at a desk works just fine.

I could show a lot more, however I think I’ll just leave it at this and round this post up with the following:

I moved from Hawaii in April, and since then my life has changed. A lot. I’ve been swept away by stress, greatness, fear and pure bliss, over and over again. It is safe to say that change is good, for so many reasons. I will be back, blogging about running and probably other things, shortly. But first…

Let me go for a run!