Random Updates on Life & Blogging

I have all these great ideas for blogposts but as I sit down to actually write a blogpost the ideas and/or my words are POOF GONE! This results in countless drafts and no actual new blogposts. So I figured I would just spew out what’s on my mind lately in this post and maybe I will be able to restart with a blank slate and actually get back to normal blogging again?

If you have any questions for me, ideas for blogposts or if you would like to do some guest blogging, feel free to throw them my way!

Pura Vida Bracelets

  • After eyeing Pura Vida Bracelets for a while I took the leap and treated myself to a few of them. This ended up being a great pick-me-up gift for both Oscar the cat and I. By the way, email (evelinruns at gmail dot com) or tweet me if you are interested in buying your own Pura Vida bracelets – I have a 50% discount code to share with you!
  • Since my husband’s dad was on the verge of leaving us recently (he fought back and stayed with us luckily!) I am riding on an emotional roller coaster. I am happy, not depressed or anything, but I just have so much going on in my mind.
  • The one thing I keep coming back to is how much I miss my family and my home countries. I want to see my family, hug them, smile with them, joke around with my brothers, run with dad, watch my brothers skateboard, go for long walks with my mom, go to Norway with the good old train and see our mountain cabin for a few seconds through the train window, hug my grandparents, drink coffee (weak, because that’s how they like it and I would never change it even though I like my coffee strong) with my grandparents, eat my granddads homemade bread with my grandmothers homemade lingonberry jam, head out on the ocean with my grandparents on their boat, go to my grandmothers childhood house, stroll on the beach enjoying “my ocean” – the ocean in which I swam every summer even though my feet went numb from the cold water after a few minutes, have breakfast with my family before they’re heading to school/work, pet my Swedish cats, sleep in my own bed in my very own apartment in Stockholm and so on.. It is like if I am slowly dying inside, like if life just don’t matter that much if I can’t see my family soon. It’s eating me from inside, this homesickness. In May it has been two full years since I waved goodbye to my mom at that train station in Malmö, heading to Copenhagen to catch the flight “over here” – I can still see the tears on her cheeks in front of me, I remember how she smelled (that safe and wonderful smell of safety, my mom, my rock) when we hugged before I got on the train. And I remember thinking that “I will be back in a few months” as I cried my eyes out on that train to the airport…
  • I AM however going home, which is just wonderful! My parents decided to pay my tickets, as long as I come home to visit them soon. We are trying to figure out what dates will be the perfect timing as there’s my brothers graduation, a possible half marathon to run (with my dad!), my brothers’ summer jobs and a possibility of me bringing my brothers with me to visit the US for the first time. I will probably give you an update on this upcoming trip of mine very soon. And until then I will try to keep this in mind and let the butterflies do their thing in my belly. Yay!

  Lava Fit

  • I wrote a SKORA Fit review a few weeks ago. If you’re curious if I’m still in love with those shoes… YES, yes of course I am! Madly in love in fact. They are AH-MAZING. I wish I could get you all a pair as they are pure love for my feet. And my eyes!
  • A few days ago Hilo International Marathon happened, and I didn’t run it. I was thinking about running the half, but I just didn’t do it. Actually, I just didn’t want to do it! I am totally fine with skipping that race, although after hearing about the weather conditions I kind of wish I would’ve ran it – it was rainy, windy and cool. Oooh, you know how I love me a rainy run?! Hilo International Marathon will happen again next year, and I will most likely be here to run it.

Strappy Bra kind of morning

  • I made a little money and decided to treat myself to some new, much needed, running apparel. I had my eyes set on Oiselle, and had quite the hard time deciding what to get..  I decided to go for the Jade Green Roga shorts and a black Strappy Bra from Oiselle. The Roga’s I own are just amazing so I knew the new shorts would be an instant love. I have been in running in not-so-supportive sport bras (yeah, ladies with not so much of the boob business need support too) lately, and felt the need for some strappy. They arrived today and I am wearing them as I write this, longing for a run later. The strappy bra is everything I needed and then some, love the look too! Hurray!

Avocado, My Love

  • I keep on keeping on with my plant based diet. I haven’t been writing much about it because: 1. I’m not your typical foodie blogger, 2. It just is what it is, it’s “just” food. This was actually one of the blogposts I have been meaning to share with you – a “What I Eat” kind of blogpost, but I keep forgetting to take photos of my food consistently throughout a full day.. Oh well, one day?! But trust me, I have been loving my veggies, beans, seeds and fruits up as always. And you all know how much I love avocado right? Yeah, that is one of my staples when it comes to my diet. Any day that involve avocado is a great day in my book!

Phew, that was a lot of random stuff huh? I have more, but I don’t want to bore you with it today. I’m going to press publish, roll out my yoga mat, wrestle the cuddly cat, do some yoga, meditate a bit and my goal is to actually be back to normal with my blogging and post here soon again.



Have you ever lost the ability to keep up the blogging? What did you do to recharge and get going with the blogging again?

Do you have any suggestions for me to make it a little bit easier to be away from my loved ones?

How is life treating you? Spring coming around yet? 

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