Lazy day and Abs By April

After a night of really bad sleep husband and I had a lazy kind of waste of a morning, until we decided to head down to the park down by the water. We were definitely continuing being lazy over there, enjoying egg sallad sandwiches and iced coffe while writing, reading, watching the waves crash against the lava cliffs and spotting a few whales passing by. As the sun started setting we head back home and I immediately felt energized (it’s amazing what the sun can do for a tired body and mind!) and motivated to get some exercising going. As I’m participating in Abs By April I’ve found myself focusing mostly on abs but I also got some glute and arms into the workout.

Megan sent out a workout program for week two of the Abs By April Challenge and it’s a great one! I find myself sweating like crazy and I have a lot of fun as I’m pushing myself to do three sets of the workout. Today I ended up almost throwing up and having to do the Savasana/Corpse Pose (haha, maybe I was just totally exhausted and couldn’t do anything else but lay down?) for a few minutes when I finished the third set. Great feeling though! I’m never bummed about being exhausted or have sore muscles post workout, not even when it means laughing hurts because of serious ab workouts or when sitting down on a chair hurts so bad I rather stay standing/walking instead!

Feb 2nd

As Week 3 of the Abs by April is starting I feel like I’m on track of the challenge and I have so much fun being a part of it. If you feel like getting some extra motivation and inspiration to get those abs you might be dreaming of – don’t hesitate to join the challenge! Megan is providing us with fun exercise suggestions and there are tweeps and bloggers to hold you accountable and cheer you on as you work towards the goal – Abs By April!