Lack of Running Motivation

Lately I’ve been in somewhat of a running rut. I enjoy the runs I get out to do, but I have a hard time finding enough motivation to jump out of bed and happily get out the door for my runs. The fight that is getting back to my “normal” running post injury is still going on and to be honest, right now it feels like I’m just not getting anywhere.. Sometimes my body is telling me to back off and my mind is telling me to “GO, go fight”! But lately it’s the opposite – my body is fine, it wants to run, but my mental strength and focus just isn’t there.

I think I need a race (or five). I need something to focus on, something specific to work for. There are some races coming up, but unfortunately our economy just isn’t good enough for me to spend money on race registrations and driving to the races. And then there’s the fact that my husband works so much I would have to hitchhike to whatever races I could possibly be doing here on the island.

Excuses? Unfortunately not. It’s just life. It will get better, I know it. Money is coming in, slowly but surely, and hopefully soon I can get myself that drivers licence so that I can actually do something while husband works his ass off. Sitting at the house (with the exceptions of those runs that is) gets to be very boring. And being bored can definitely sometimes out you down, am I right? Well, it happens for me.

I’m usually full of motivation and very inspired when it comes to my big passion running, so this will probably pass sooner than later. But damn! It’s so frustrating! At least I had a glorious hill repeat session yesterday which gave me a bit of a boost, but still.. Here I am again today, just not feeling it.


Q: Do you have any tips or tricks that might help me get out of this “low”?