“Just” Running Through 2013

As 2012 turned into 2013 I had high hopes and goals for the year2013 has so far given me everything but what I was prepared to work hard for, and through that hard work achieve. I started the year with getting injured, my personal life has been a mess,  I moved two times, medications were messing with me, I totally lost my motivation to run, I couldn’t afford to sign up for races (still can’t) etc. Total fail?! In a lot of ways, yes. But I’ve (finally) come to terms with the fact that this year turned into something completely different than what I was planning on. But maybe that was what I needed? Big personal, physical and emotional challenges – a reason to fight and stay focused on me, myself and I, first and foremost. 

I didn’t run that first Half Marathon in March. So what?! There WILL BE other races.

haven’t crushed that 5k PR that I’m so eager to crush. But I KNOW I WILL.

I probably won’t be able to get my 1300k for 2013. So many months of this year had me running nothing at all or very little, but I’m fine with it. I’ll move on, as always, and those 1300k’s will be crushed sooner or later. I promise.

I had hoped to be pretty much constantly training for a race during 2013 – that first half, that sub-25 5k etc. But instead I’m “just” running through 2013. I enjoy it, I really do. I’ve definitely realized that being a runner doesn’t only mean you’re training for and finishing races, it also means you are running because your body/mind/heart tells you to. Because you, for whatever reason, have the want and/or need to do so.

Am I disappointed? YES, I am. But I’ve decided to be nice to myself and not beat myself up about it – life happens, plus, I have time. Do I want to race? Oh YES! Do I have to race? No, I don’t (but I really WANT to). I don’t have to be racing to be, and feel, like a runner. I run because I love it, because it makes me a better person. A person who can love both myself and others with a warm fluffy heart. A person with more energy to get through every day with a smile on her face. A person who can look at herself in the mirror and think “You’re pretty darn amazing and those legs.. Damn girl! They would take you to the moon if you would want them to!

So. 2013 turned into the year when I realized I don’t have to be racing to be a runner. I don’t have to run x amount of miles to feel good about myself, as a person or a runner. All I need to do every day is face life and it’s challenges, run and make the best possible out of every single day. There might be a race or two (or five) happening before this year says goodbye. To be honest though, my focus when it comes to racing and crushing PR’s is already set for 2014 – it will be a HAPPENING YEAR! But for now you’ll find me “just” running, with a big smile on my face, a warm heart and a happy body while building a base for upcoming running adventures and those big goals of mine.

Have 2013 turned out the way you wanted it to? Are you crossing off
your goals for the year without problems or did the year put you
through unexpected challenges? What have you learned, so far, in