I’m Back!

Dec 1st Seems like November turned out to be a shitty month for me with my running and the other goals. I just haven’t been feeling that great. Struggling with allergies and the weather here in Seattle is really getting to me after being here more than five weeks. I’m constantly freezing and sleeping bad which makes me want to spend all days in bed. So much for being all healthy and active huh?!

Well, I guess this is a part of life too. There’s just going to be times when nothing really works, where you have to fight harder and give it your best without being to hard on yourself. Seeing the good things you get done instead of focusing on what you could’ve done, right?

Anyways, this week started out great. My husband returned from working over seas and being (far) away from me for 2 1/2 months! Great news. But it left me feeling way less motivated to run then normal and until today I had only done one run since Monday, leaving me far from my goal of running at least 20K/week. BUT, today I got out of bed feeling a spark of motivation and I kicked myself out to do a run. I decided to just start running and see how far I’d feel like going. Ended up doing a 12K run and 10K of them pushing hard, leaving me with a personal best on 10K. Even though it might not really count “for real” I felt great getting back to the house with a 10K done in 56min37sec.

So, even though I was a few K’s away from my goal of 20K this week I chose to see today as a WIN. I did freaking good!

And today’s run left me with a great feeling and a new found motivation. I will now go back to Hawaii knowing that I can do this. I am, after all, a runner.