I Have a Thing For Bearded Brothers – Review & Giveaway [closed]

I have always had a thing for bearded men, now I also have a thing for the Bearded Brothers.. Energy Bars, that is. You now have the chance to win a case of these bars, but please take the time to read about my new love affair first:

Are you a little nutty? Some people thing you’re crazy for choosing quality food. Don’t worry, we’re crazy too! Bearded Brothers bars; mindfully made with love and joy in Austin, TX!

Caleb and Chris are the two fabulous men who started the organic “wholesome snackfood company” called Bearded Brothers. With their shared passion for whole, raw and organic foods/ingredients as the inspiration they decided to bring a new product to the market – with their bars they offer us natural organic, gluten and soy free, mostly raw plus vegan friendly snacks ready to fuel or serve as a recovery snack anytime! Bearded Brothers are located in Austin, TX, where they make the handmade goodies that are now fueling not just themselves, but a lot of active outdoors/sports loving people all over the US (myself included obviously).

 Bearded Brothers and Evelin

Photo Sep 22, 8 01 15 AM At the end of my run a little while ago I took the way by the mailbox to check the mail. I was so STOKED to realize there was a case of Bearded Brothers bars waiting for me in there, I didn’t even mind running the last stretch back home with the box in my arms. One thing I have been very impressed by since first reading about Bearded Brothers is their visual concept – it looks very thought through and the designs are brilliant in my opinion. I have been eyeing their t-shirts for a while now, they are just awesome – totally make me smile and I would happily live in one of those. Just look at the box I got, pretty nice looking for a parcel huh?

As I opened the case I found a few of each flavor of bars the Bros have on the market (as for now, more on that at the end of this review): Colossal Coconut Mango,  Mighty Maca Chocolate, Fabulous Ginger PeachBodacious Blueberry Vanilla. The ingredients used in all these bars are natural and mostly raw and organic. There are only natural sweeteners like dates and the dried berries/fruits, which is awesome!

You will find the full nutritional value by visiting Bearded Brothers website (just click the links above to get to the bar you are curious about).

Because I’m such an indecisive person I always have a hard time deciding on which of the flavors to start with when given multiple choices I had a really hard time deciding which of these fabulous looking and tasty sounding bars I would try first as I was settling in on the couch after my run + strength = stretch/foam roll. As I am a chocolate lover I finally decided to try the Might Maca Chocolate bar first and.. I LOVED it! Taste and texture = perfect! Since that day I’ve slowly gone through the different bars and honestly, I’m absolutely blown away by them all. The perfect texture and taste goes for all of the four different bars and in my opinion the Fabulous Ginger Peach is the best one for its very refreshing taste. Although, all the others are on a close shared 2nd place. I really enjoy that there are both crunchiness and chewiness to the bars because of the nuts, seeds and dried fruits/berries. So, the ingredients don’t just look great on paper, but they are also put together very well to create a nutritious well tasting product!

Another thing, except for the actual look of the product is that the packaging is “earth friendly” – which means all of the packaging is fully compostable. That is something that I really appreciate and respect Bearded Brothers for. In these times more of the packaged products we buy should be compostable, and I really hope that all of you (or at least many of you) do your share for the environment when it comes to taking care of your rubbish – it’s an easy way to give our planet and coming generations a gift of love. On top of the packaging being compostable there is one other feature that I was so happy to see. If you look at the photo below you will notice that the Colossal Coconut Mango comes with a ziplock! I have actually been talking to my husband about this when I’ve had other bars for a quick snack on the go after a run or to fuel up before a run, I tend to not always finish a whole bar and more than once I’ve had a mess in my backpack (or ants getting to the half eaten bar that I wanted to save for later). With this genius solution I can happily eat half a bar and not worry about finding a ziplock bag to store it in because… It is right in front of me and ready to go. AWESOME!

While I’m writing about this love affair of mine I want to take the time to introduce you to the Kickstarter campaign the Bearded Brothers are running now – Seasoned, sprouted nuts & seeds. They are asking us, their fans/potential fans, for help to fund money to get their new flavors of these snacks out on the market. Check the video below out, and click on over to Kickstarter to see what you can do to help get more awesomeness released from these fantastic men.


I am honored and very happy to be able to give YOU the chance to win Bearded Brothers bars. The two Bearded Brothers are giving one of my readers the chance to receive a case of bars. Enter below for your chance to be the lucky winner!

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Giveaway rules: This giveaway is open to only US residents over 18 years old. The giveaway ends 10/20/13 at 12am HST. The giveaway will be announced here on evelinruns.com 10/21/13. 

Disclaimer: I was sent the above Bearded Brothers products for free to do this review, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions in this blogpost are mine and mine alone and they have not been controlled or influenced by the Bearded Brothers or anyone else. 

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