Happy Days and PocketFuel Winner!

The last week or two I’ve been dealing with a little bit of a grumpy calf so my running has been suffering a bit. I took  four days completely off over last weekend to let the calf rest a bit, and have slowly started running again the last week. I am pretty sure I upped my strength training/running a bit too fast after taking it easy during move and holidays, so my calf problem was (hopefully) not more than a bit of an overuse niggle. I have added a lot of yoga and I am happy to tell you that I have been enjoying it. A lot. Although nothing might ever be as great as running, it is wonderful to get a bit of a high from other exercises too. Agree? However, the short test runs post days off felt surprisingly good – my calf weren’t too grumpy and that left me smiling.

Jan 21 2014 Run

Jan 25 2014 Run SKORA

I love the ocean. Sometimes I just have to stop and just soak it all up, the calm ocean, the colors and the sun.

I have tweeted a lot about happiness lately. Surprised? Well yeah, I am too after feeling very beat down, both mentally and physically during the last months of 2013. It’s been a while since I have felt this at ease, just relaxed and.. Happy. You know the times where the sunshine seem to come from within yourself? It is quite a wonderful feeling! So. What have made me this happy?


1. After the dreadful move my husband and I have finally(!) been able to truly enjoy the time we get together when he’s off work. He’s not off that much but we have promised each other to, when he is off, spend the day doing something we love. Well, we love each other and spending time together, we love food and we love nature so.. Naturally, we have been spending time out and about. In nature, with each other and with great picnic food packed.

Jan 26 2014 Date Sunday Back In The Jungle

2. I have been meditating daily. What?! Yeah. To be honest, I never thought I would get into the habit of meditating. I can’t really tell you why, but I guess I have just been a bit afraid of it. I am happy to prove myself wrong, keep meditating regularly and I actually think it is helping me stay focused and happy.

3. Sunshine. I’m not taking any Vitamin D supplements, but I do however make sure I spend enough time out in the sun to soak those vitamins up. Few things can boost my energy levels like the good old sun! Don’t worry, I am using sunscreen (most of the times)!

4. Other things like: Running (duh, running always makes me happy!), the farmers market, my wonderful little cat buddy, food, spontaneous texts to/from my family back home and.. LIFE. Life is just good!

My ride!

My ride!

5. Last Sunday we finally bought a bicycle for me! It’s not a fancy tri bike or anything, just a Schwinn cruiser kind of bike, but it is more than “good enough” for me. You see, I don’t have a drivers licence (I know, right?! HOW can a person be 30+ and NOT have a licence? Well, I never needed one. Until I moved to the US that is…) and walking/running is great, but unfortunately it just isn’t the same as being able to quickly get around in town. This bicycle will be loved! (And trust me, there will most likely be a cup holder for my coffee on that bike handle very very soon..)

 PocketFuel Winner!

I bet you were really here to find out if you are the lucky winner of PocketFuel? First of all, thank you so much for reading the PocketFuel Review and entering the giveaway! The one and only winner is…
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Big congrats to Carlee! Send me an email to evelinruns[at]gmail[dot]com and you will have those delicious PocketFuels coming your way very soon!


Do you and your love schedule time for dates regularly? 

Do you own a bike?

(And do you think I am a total loser for  not having a drivers licence?! It’s ok if you do, because I kind of feel like one.. Haha!)