Half Marathon Training is Off

As you might have read a few times by now, I’ve been off running for a while due to a foot injury. It’s been tough not being able to run for over three weeks now, but I know that I’m doing myself and my body a favor. The foot is much better, although it seems like I’m still a little ways away from actually getting back to running. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go for an easy run/walk Monday morning, but as I woke up with pain today I really don’t know if it’s time to start pushing it or not.

I only just started my Half Marathon Training Program before this foot injury happened and now, as time pass by, I’m pretty sure there will be no Half done in March. I’m afraid of getting back to running and because of the time limit push too hard and only make it worse in the long run. So, as for now (if I’m not getting back to running this coming week and it feels GREAT) Half training is OFF.

It sure feels like a TOTAL bummer, I was looking forward to that Half so much, but I know that there’s a bunch of other races I can do. Shorter ones during the spring AND other Half Marathons in the summer. There’s the Kona Half Marathon and the Rain Forest Runs 13.1 (the race in which I ran my very first race) in August.

I will get through this injury and I’m aiming at doing it smart (even though my body and mind most of the times tells me to “PUSH IT, RUN, NOW”) to make sure running and I will stay happily in love for a long long time.