Garmin Forerunner 405CX

When I first started running I felt totally content with the crappy old shoes I had to run with, and my iPhone (to listen to music with Spotify and track the runs with Runkeeper) as the only other necessity¬†when out running.. But that didn’t really last long.. I soon realized that a proper pair of running shoes would be great, and maybe a pair of pants that fit (which I wouldn’t have to adjust ALL the time, because of the crazy bad fit), and a sports bra to hold my ever so small breasts in place, and I also realized that the running apps on the phone just couldn’t help me just as I wanted when out running. So I started looking into buying a running watch with GPS and Heart Rate Monitor.

Because of lack of money and a birthday coming up I spent a lot of time surfing the net to read about different brands and models of these watches. I pretty fast decided that I’d go with a Garmin Forerunner, but it took me about a month of reading reviews (one of them: DC Rainmaker, great blog with tons of reviews with a lot of great information) and looking around for good deals until I actually decided to go with the 405CX.

So a few days after my 30th birthday it arrived! I think I was the happiest girl on the whole big island.. And I just had to plug it in and charge it RIGHT AWAY to be able to go for my first run with it. After reading the reviews and information about the watch I know that it has a lot of great features for running, and to be honest I’ve barely even started checking all these out as I’m happy to just have it as a help for distance/pace/heart rate but I’ll definitely sit down and get going with setting up workouts and so on in a near future.

One of the things that I read negative things about in reviews in several places was the bezel – and I get it. It can be a little bit annoying sometimes, but as I’ve used the watch more and more I don’t really see it as a problem anymore.. So what if I need to double tap a few times for the heart rate numbers to show on the screen? It’s not killing my runs, for sure.

Another thing that I knew would probably be a problem is the size of the watch on my wrist.. I have TINY wrists, and I always have problems finding watches/bracelets that actually fit well. So yeah, this watch actually do feel huge on my wrist, but with the extra wrist band (velcro) that came with it I think it works pretty well (there was NO WAY I could use the standard plastic wrist band though). I actually find it nice that the watch is big – it makes it easier to use it while out running..


So yeah, overall I’m happy with the 405CX being a part of my running set up. It helps me keep a good pace and I love being able to load the statistics into Garmin Connect and/or Garmin Training Center and geek away… :)


Q: Are you using a watch while running? Are you happy with your choice? Heart rate monitor? GPS?