Friday Favorites – Swedish Fall Edition 9/20/13

It’s Friday! The weeks are passing by SO  fast, aren’t they? It’s (almost) officially fall and the further into “fall” season we get, the more homesick I get. So this Friday I’m bringing on the Swedish edition of Friday Favorites.


Must be one of my all time favorite candy and I’ve  been eating countless lbs of it throughout my life (although, too much at the same time is not a good thing – been there, done that and my belly was not happy). I’ve carried a bag of these with me while traveling to: the US, India, Israel, Egypt and Thailand. My family sent me a bag of Djungelvrål for my birthday in August. I love them.



Fall in Stockholm

I haven’t always been a lover of fall, but since I moved to south to Stockholm at age 17 and actually got some proper fall (more so a longer period of it) I changed my mind. It wasn’t the short reminder of the summer being over and the LONG and DARK winter coming, it was something to really enjoy. Looooong walks around Stockholm, along the water, through parks, across islands. Hours at a cafe with friends and tea, or just a book and a cozy sweater. Soups and homemade bread. Oh yum!

Kungsleden/The King’s Trail

Inspired by the man next to me at Starbucks this morning, Steve, I need to mention Kungsleden (The King’s Trail) today. This is a beautiful 450km hike between the two towns Abisko and Hemavan. I’ve only done parts of it myself, but I loved every single moment of it and really wish to do the rest of it one day. Abisko happens to be “around the corner” from our mountain cabin too, so I’m very used to spending time in these kind of nature settings – there’s not a lot of other places where you’ll find me completely relaxed and at ease. No but, seriously, you should all go do this hike and I recommend doing it during early fall! 


One of my favorite places to kill a bunch of hours, enjoying food, coffee and hanging out with my friends back home in Stockholm is Vurma. It’s a cafe chain and they offer SO many YUMMY things to eat and drink I’m seriously drooling just thinking about it. Now, after I’ve gone over to a vegan diet I’m even more excited about these cafes as they actually have a lot of vegan options on the menu. If you ever visit Stockholm – go there. Just do it!


Q: Did you have a good week? Ready for WEEKEND? Have you been to Sweden? 


Photo courtesy of:, myself, Mandarin