Friday Favorites 8/2/13

It’s that time of the week again, the ever so happy Friday! For those of you who work or go to school this might actually mean something special. Two days off, full of freedom and happiness (and most likely some glorious running too, right?). For me, being unemployed and all, Friday is just like any other day. BUT, this doesn’t mean I can’t make it special, so here you go: My Friday Faves!

I love RunHAPPY. The ladies behind this virtual race series, Amanda and Laura, are wonderful, inspiring women and I always enjoy interacting with them – they bring a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration to the crowds!  This summer they’re bringing a Virtual 10K race to us! All proceeds from the races goes to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The living legend Bart Yasso is involved in the RunHAPPY movement AND two of my favorite copanies – SKORA Running and ENERGYbits – are sponsoring together with some other great companies!  Pretty amazing! Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to participate yet, but I really hope I will be able to before August 24th. Connect with the happy bunch on twitter, @runHAPPYraces, and make sure to register for this wonderful HAPPY event right here.


Lately I’ve been loving my Zensah compression socks. They are super soft and comfortable and make my legs feel wonderful! I like that they offer a bunch of different colors and patterns of both socks and sleeves and am actually craving a bunch of them. I’ve heard great things about the sleeves and their bras too! And hey, look at that awesome runner featured on Zensah’s website! It’s Susie from LongRunYoga! She’s a truly inspiring runner who makes me crave a good trail run, even though I’m not a really trail runner (yet!). Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram for yoga and running inspiration plus gorgeous photos from Hawaii!


Scoot A Doot - Running Nerd

This post by Scoot A Doot is wonderful. It made me smile, laugh and feel proud. Proud of being a runner. And more importantly, a Running Nerd. I’m with you ladies. Let’s be proud nerds and keep nerding out with all our running talk, gear etc. Cheers fellow nerds!


Rather Be Runnin' - Not Your Average Runner

A while ago I wrote a blogpost wondering if there is a “normal” when it comes to running (or rather stating that there is no “normal”, or maybe many kinds of “normal”?). I got so happy when I read this blogpost by Rather be Runnin’ a little while ago, it really is an important subject to me. Let’s just realize that not all of us look like those pro runners, or run as fast as them, but that we have our own strengths as people and runners. So what if my legs are short and fluffy, if my belly is squishy and move around when I run. I run, and it’s all me doing it, getting through every single run I set out to do! So thank you Ashley – I salute YOU and all other amazing runners out there!

Q: Do you have any favorites you want to share with me/us? I’m always up for getting tips on blogs, blogposts, articles, products etc. Bring your favorites on!