FridayFavorites 4.21

Friday Favorites 4.21.17

I didn’t really have a plan for this Friday Favorites post but it seems like my brain is snowed in on running related things, so let’s just go with it shall we?

Friday Favorites - SKORA and Injinji

SKORA is alive!
I have been a loyal SKORA fan since I first started using their shoes spring -13. I could write a lot about this brand and their products but.. Simply put, SKORA makes shoes that works for me – zero drop goodness with great design and comfort! If you have been following them you know that there’s been months of stillness and no shoes for sale. Well, now the news are out and I couldn’t be more excited (for myself of course, but also for ALL the other existing and future

I’ve been eyeing this company for quite some time now, and I’m very intrigued. This company really does good, and their products look great. I’m excited to try the
Paray Jacket out for running and hiking this summer – more on that in another blogpost. For now though, check Cotopaxi’s products out here, and don’t forget to also check out this great video about the company while you’re at it.

I’ve mentioned Injinji before (because how could I not?!), but figured it wouldn’t hurt to tell you about them again. Injinji is a brand of toe socks, and while I at first was a bit weary of the whole toe sock thing, I quickly fell in love and have been using them as my main running socks for years now (pretty much since I wrote
this review in 2013). Since I came up to Alaska this spring I’ve been using my Snow socks a lot for running since they provide a bit more warmth in this sunny, but still pretty chilly Alaska weather.

Since I’m running up in Alaska again, I have to be smart. And by ‘smart’ I mean that I have to practice safe behavior in a this wild area where I am doing my running. Why, you ask? You see, there are bears (grizzly and black), wolf, moose and other creatures out here and the last thing I want to do is surprise one of those when I’m coming running down the dirt roads/trails. So, I listen to podcasts a lot, without headphones, because in that way I don’t need to actually talk (or sing) to myself to make any creatures around aware of my existence.

One of my favorite podcasts, although I might not completely live it, is The Minimalists. These two guys (Josh and Ryan) bring up really interesting ways to view, and live, life and I am VERY inspired by their works (podcasts, website, documentary) and hope to move that way with my life. Slowly, but surely.

Another podcast I really enjoy is Real Talk with Nicole Antoinette. Nicole and her guests always bring up really interesting subjects and make me think. And cry and laugh. Check her out!

What are your current running favorites?
Any podcasts you listen to regularly?