Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

It’s been quite a while since I shared a Friday Favorites post, so I though it would be fun to share with you some of my current favorites.

With how happy I am being back in Alaska, how can I not mention it first?! I arrived to Fairbanks early am Sunday and got back to the cabin just north of Denali National Park late in the afternoon the same day. It felt like… Coming home. Alaska, you make my heart so happy.

Hydro Flask Snow

Hydro Flask

Having returned up to Alaska and it still being pretty chilly, I have been especially stoked about my mug from Hydro Flask. I’ve used it a lot (pretty much daily) before I got up here too, but the ability to bring tea or coffee with me and knowing that it’ll actually stay hot is just.. Priceless.


Running shoes, duh

I keep trucking in my dear SKORAs. Lately I have found that my TEMPOs are great even for running on snow (which isn’t really surprising to me, but I personally haven’t had the chance to run on snow before this year). The lightweight mesh is of course airy and not necessarily made for snowy conditions, however with my Injinji socks I’m staying comfortable and dry while out exploring my old neighborhood up here in AK.


Xtratuf boots

I first came to the US as a visitor 2011. During that first trip over here I had the opportunity to first set my feet in Alaska. That time I was in Ketchikan (which is quite the different Alaska than what I am currently in). When I got there, my friends right away convinced me that a pair of Xtratufs were a ‘must have’. I shook my head at them, saying “I’m not sure how much I’d use them”. You see at that time I was most commonly dressed in dresses and fancy shoes, and definitely not wearing outdoorsy clothes for everyday wear.. Well, I did get those Xtratufs I was recommended to get and I am SO HAPPY I have them. They kept me warm and dry in the (very) rainy Ketchikan summer of 2011. And today they keep me warm, dry and comfortable while playing around up here in Denali.