Friday 5

It’s Friday (yes, still very much Friday in Hawaii)! I haven’t done a Friday 5 in what seems like forever, but, since it’s Friday the 5th and also Day 5 of my #decemberRunStreak I figured I’d make it happen AND make it a little different this time, so here goes:

Day 1

Friday 5 - Day 1 - SKORA Core

Day 2

Friday 5 - Day 2 - SKORA Phase

Day 3

Day 3

Day 4

Friday 5 Skora


Day 5

Day 5



I’m obviously: 1. Obsessed with Skora Running, 2. In possession of more Skoras than I “need” (need/want, it’s a real struggle you know..) 3. Staying visible with the reflectiveness my Skoras! 4. One happy camper.. 5. In need of some TRAILS!

Do you run streak? Have you ever tried?
Are you a road runner, trail runner or are you mixing it up?


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