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Friday 5 3/13/15

Another Friday is here and since I haven’t done a Friday 5 in a while, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of my favorite products as of lately.

Friday 5 Nuun


I don’t know if I even mentioned here that I was welcomed into Team Nuun for 2015?! Well, I was and I am VERY excited about it! Why? Because I’ve grown very fond of their products and bring them with me pretty much wherever o go – hiking the volcano Mauna Loa, to the beach or out running – the Nuun electrolyte tabs are awesome. In fact, I’m having a bottle full of Grape Active Hydration next to me right now.

I am happy to be able to share a discount code which will give you 20% off most Nuun items right here. Enter LuckyNuunFriends at checkout and ENJOY!

UD Hydrates Wink

2. Ultimate Direction Wink

Since we’re already talking about hydration, I thought I would mention my favorite way of carrying liquids for my running/hiking. Since last fall I’ve been enjoying having a proper hydration pack – the Wink by Ultimate Direction. I’ve been meaning to write about it earlier, but have (as you might have noticed) kind of neglected the blog due to life happening elsewhere lately. The Wink is a pack with great fit for my body, exceptional pockets for bringing fuel, phone, jacket etc along and a very very good 70oz hydration system. I recommend it warmly.


3. SKORA Running TEMPO

If you follow me on Instagram/twitter you’ve probably seen those bright yellow/blue shoes already. Yes, they are SKORAs. And yes, they are awesome. A bit more of a shoe than my other Skoras and just like those other ones, very very comfortable. Watch this space, because this is a GREAT shoe!! Skora TEMPO will be released later this spring.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Review

4. Hemp Hearts

I got the opportunity to review Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts and it really revived my love for hemp hearts. They are such great add-ons for any kind of meal! Check out my recipe for cherry chia hemp heart energy balls and enter the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts giveaway.


5. Oiselle Long Flyte Shorts

Lately I’ve been adding a few items to my running apparel collection, and most of it was (of course) Oiselle. I’ve been a BIG fan of their Roga shorts for a few years now, and I’ve been eyeing the Flyte Shorts since they first were released. I finally took the leap and ordered them and they are… AMAZING. The fit/feel is great, and they stay in place while out running and keeps me comfortable and chafe-free. I actually feel like a total super woman/badass when I’m running in them. Seriously. So awesome!

Thank you for visiting and reading about my Friday 5 Favorite products. 


What are your favorite products as of lately?

Time to update your running closet now since the season is changing?