Fourth Week of Running Post Injury

March 11th runMonday March 11th, Run #9

5,1k, 32:17 minutes, Average pace 6:26

After Saturday’s terrible run I woke up Monday knowing I was in NEED to get out and run and feel good. So later that afternoon when the temperature started dropping I put on my bright Reebok shirt and headed out for a run. I had no plan on a special distance or speed, I just wanted to feel good. And I did! I kept going and ended up doing my first 5k since when the injury happened January 3rd. I was so so sooo happy when I got back home, but I also realized that the 7 weeks without any serious cardio work have set me back when it comes to my stamina. I know this will come back as I get to run more and further, but man did I notice it during this run?! Oh well, that didn’t matter so much as the fact that I did run 5k! I know, it may seem like nothing for runners and it wouldn’t have been a big deal at all to me before the injury – but now.. It means that my foot can handle a little more than it did three weeks ago and it means that I can add some distance to my runs from now on. Slowly of course!


Wednesday March 13th RunWednesday March 13th, Run #10

2.6k, 17:37 minutes. Average Pace 6:46

Spent the whole day thinking about running and how happy it makes me. Attended a FitFluential chat co-hosted by RunWRS and got even more inspired to get out for a run. As I got out I did 1 minute running, 30 seconds rest with increasing pace for each interval. Had FUN and got some real speed into my legs, but also noticed how much more efficient my running has become lately. I don’t know why? But guessing some more strength might be one of the reasons. Anyways, I welcome it with open arms.  As you can see I didn’t go very far, but that’s still OK. I’m easing my way back here (yes, I am reminding myself over and over again)..


Run March 16thSaturday March 16th, Run #11

1.85k, 11:44 minutes, Average pace 6:21

Saturday was kind of a miserable day. It should’ve been the day before my first half marathon and.. That obviously didn’t happen. I finally decided that enough is enough and went out for a very short run just to shake off the sadness and disappointment. It worked.



After Saturday’s total meltdown I decided that that’s it! Now I’m only going to be focusing forward, fighting my way back to normal. Remembering and feeling my love for running and that keeps me smiling.

Total distance: 9.55k

Total time: 1:01:38 



Q: How was your week? Got any good runs/workouts in?