Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: That Time We Went Camping

A few weekends ago my husband was lucky enough to get not just two, but THREE, days off work and we decided to go camping, since that is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. The Big Island (Hawai’i) is, as the name hints, pretty big and there is A LOT to see and explore. So yeah, a two day long camping trip with main focus being relaxation isn’t going to cover much of the island but that didn’t stop us from enjoying every single second of it.

Flashback Friday – Camping Trip Edition:

Flashback Friday Hot HUMID run

After a run for me and some preparations + packing, we left home Thursday afternoon. We actually didn’t have any set plans more than the fact that we were going to leave Hilo and head North and East to see something else than.. Well, Hilo and/or jungle. We were aiming for Kohala Coast (north of Kona) and took our time as we drove Hamakua coast, through Waimea and down on the west side of the island. It was dark before we got to the campground at Kapaa Beach Park, but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful time setting up camp, getting food prepared and playing cards.

Flashback Friday Camp Fire

Flashback Friday Be The Light

After having our food and playing cards, we went to sleep late (we rarely stay up later than 10pm but this night it had passed midnight before we actually decided to sleep. Too much fun I guess? :)

Flashback Friday Morning Moon

Friday morning I woke up early, as usual. I watched the early morning sky and the moon sliver for a while and decided to go for a run to let C sleep however long he could (he sure is in need of a lot of rest on his days off). I ate some serious hills for breakfast, enjoyed the views to the maximum while keeping the run pretty short (probably around 2.5-3mi?).

Flashback Friday WhereIRun

I got back to the campground, found C still sleeping like a baby, so I used an ActionWipe to clean up a bit and strolled around the beach park enjoying the quietness, the morning sun and the views.  I think that I’m at my very best when surrounded by nature, there’s just nothing (except running and hugs of course) that can heal like nature?!


Flashback Friday Silhouette

Flashback Friday Morning Bliss

Flashback Friday Coffee With A View

Coffee With A View

My dear husband woke up around 8 and we made some coffee and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the campground. The few people who had been camping overnight actually left while I was out running and we had the whole park to ourselves before we headed out on the road to find another beach park (one with an actual sandy beach because I wanted to play with the frisbee of ours).

On the way to another beach park we decided to treat ourselves and have breakfast out (mostly because I needed to charge my phone), the place we chose ended up having average food, high prices and very bad service (how about getting mad at paying customers because they charge a phone?!). We also stopped by a store and picked up some ice for the drinks we had brought along (when I go fancy I go La Croix and nothing else, husband like it too but seem to always prefer some kind of unsweetened iced tea). We got to Spencer Beach Park (which actually was the very first place we spent the night on when we first came to the Big Island in June 2012) and found a semi-shaded spot for lounging together (I prefer sunlight, husband is a true shade person).

Flashback Friday Beach

After playing frisbee in the water and having TONS of fun we moved back to the blanket and played cards, had nice drinks and just.. You know, happily leaned back, relaxed and enjoyed each others company. Since husband started his current job there hasn’t been a lot of this kind of quality time so we were both so happy to get this weekend and go camping together.

Flashback Friday Beach Cards Ev

Flashback Friday

We spent hours just relaxing on the beach, made food at one of the pavilions (where they provided sinks for easy dish washing etc), took a stroll on a trail along the ocean and I spent some time talking to one of the parks’ feral cats (and feeding it) before we felt the need to get going to find a camp spot again. We hadn’t planned on it really, but we ended up camping on the same place again.

Camp Ground

While spending Friday morning strolling around the beach park I had found a great open area where we could get a great camp set up going so we decided to try it out. We had some problems like a giant centipede right by my feet (glad I had shoes on!) and a giant swarm of some kind of nasty flying tiny bugs etc but in the end of it all our night turned out great and (looking back at it) fun!

Setting up camp photo 1 (7)

Nice snacks fireside to celebrate Friday night.

Nice snacks fireside to celebrate Friday night.


I actually slept in my dear Skora FIT since I was so terrified after my encounter with centipedes earlier during the trip. But hey, they’re super comfy (feel like a hug) so why not?!

We went to bed happy and exhausted and I admit that I actually slept in the next morning.. I was up by 7am, went for a walk and then sat down on a giant rock by the ocean. By now my phone battery was completely dead and I no matter how much I wished that I could share my morning with you all I just couldn’t. Not by phone and not by one of the TWO cameras I brought along… You see, I forgot to charge both of them before leaving to go camping. Total rookie mistake, but oh well. At least the iPhone let me take some (or too many?) crappy to share with you…

After a nice breakfast we went back to Spencer Beach Park but didn’t stick around long as we were both willing to explore a bit more. We went for a hike and found a less crowded and very beautiful beach. I also started talking to a man because we both had huarache inspired sandals on. Turns out he was an old buddy of Caballo Blanco and had a lot of amazing stories to share. Unfortunately we didn’t stick around to chat too long and I forgot to ask for his name, but I loved meeting this man. Husband did too, he was amazed and we both definitely felt the urge to travel, explore and backpack more!


photo 4 (4)

After exploring a bit we decided to slowly make our way back home, not to get home too late. We made a few stops on the way to just enjoy the freedom and nature (and the WAY less humid climate) outside of our normal ‘hoods’. After getting back home, unpacking and cleaning our home up a bit we went to bed feeling more rested and happier than in a long long while. I woke up Sunday and wanted to just return back out camping – I have grown to really really appreciate being in nature so so much. I totally went from being a “big city girl” to being (or rather desiring to be) “one with nature” when I met C (who at the time was working in Alaska). I love it and hope that we will be able to do things like this more often as it makes both of us so so happy.



Have you been camping and/or exploring your home area during the summer (or winter if you’re on that side of the world)?

Are you “city” or a “back to nature” kind of person? Or a mix of both?

What was the highlight of your summer?