Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

I have been back in the US/Hawaii for a month now and it feels like an eternity. Yet I haven’t been able to start publishing my Vacation Recaps, simply because I can’t open the folders with vacay pics due to there being photos of my uncle’s house, family and his funeral in there. BUT, I’m working on it so stay tuned.. Until then, I’ll give you a ‘Five Things Friday’!


5 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Today is the last day of a 5 day Clean eating challenge that Amy over at Get Out and Move is hosting. I did this to get myself back on track with eating several meals a day, eating as clean and raw as possible and feeling a little better about myself as I’ve been.. Well, not that awesome with eating lately (meaning; I’ve been lazy and had a few too many processed meals and eating too few times each day). The challenge has been great! Amy provided great information, recipes and encouragement to us in the group and I have been doing pretty good. I admit that I will probably never be completely clean (although I have been since Monday, I think?), but I am actually clean-ISH 90% of the time, due to my plat based lifestyle. I eat A LOT of veggies and not that many processed products. However, I am that kind of person who will never ever give up certain things or be too crazy about portion control. Eating tasty stuff (even if it’s sometimes of the less healthy kind) makes me smile, and smiling is awesome!

Five Things Friday Hilo

I’ve fallen in LOVE

Again. I know, I’m a ‘loving’ person. This time, since I got back from Norway/Sweden, I have really come to appreciate where I live, but mostly where I run. Yes, I still have a (huge) problem with the Hilo heat/humidity, but man, this place is gorgeous?! My normal running route takes me through a park/garden and it’s so peaceful (even when full of tourists) and beautiful (even when the rain is pouring down). I get to run close to the ocean and when the clouds are staying away from the top of the volcano I get to see the sunshine hit Mauna Kea. I get to smell the ocean (sometimes it smells horrible, but still), feel the ocean breeze (sometimes it’s warm and way to sticky to even be noticeable) and on and on and on. But maybe most of all, when I’m running in the midst of this beauty, people are actually smiling at me and returning my “good morning” and big smile. That didn’t happen much back home! So yeah, where I run is a good place to be runnin’!

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Five Things Friday BIRC

Big Island Running Company is HERE

Another great thing with Hilo nowadays is that we finally have a running store. The Big Island Running Co have been around in Kona for a while (they even have two stores over there in IronMan-town), and I am sure I’m not the only runner over here on the East side of the island who have been longing for a proper running store in town. The day is finally here! Will you see me in a Run Big singlet in the future? Yes, that may very well be the case.

Five Things Friday - Life is Too Short

My mission lately: Self-love 

To some people self-love might not sound like a good thing, but I’m a firm believer of self-love being a very important thing. I have throughout the years been very bad, and I mean VERY BAD, at this. I have decided to start loving myself (I already do of course, a little bit, but I need to get better at it – a LOT better), to be brave enough to love who I am, how I look and what I can do (not just hate on myself for what I’m not and the things “I can’t do”).. I will work on being brave enough to love myself, and work towards giving myself as much respect, acceptance and support as I give to others. I will probably write more about this in another blogpost as this (and life itself) is something I have spent countless hours thinking about during the last few months.

Now.. Enjoy your weekend! Love yourself and others! Hug each other! Smile! Run, run happy!