Five Things Friday – Hawaii Edition 4/25/14

Five Things Friday Hawaii Edition – FIVE reasons Hawaii is pretty awesome in my opinion:

Five Things Friday - Hawaii Edition Turtle! There are turtles. And turtles are just cool, you can’t get away from that fact (I do however admit I don’t like it when they’re too close to me while in the water). But just look at the above beauty?! During a certain time of the year we also have whales, that might be even better – but I’ve never managed to get a good photo of them although I’ve spent countless hours watching them (running or sitting on a beach somewhere).

Oh the FRUITS There are fruits and veggies growing like.. CRAZY! Coming from a place like Sweden, there’s just something special about being able to buy avocado and other fruits/greens and know that they haven’t been shipped halfway around the world. They taste more, cost less, and are pretty much readily available at all times – WIN!

Five Things Friday Hawaii Edition Diverse There is a diversity I’ve rarely seen before in such a “small” area. The different climate zones makes for amazing differences in how the temperature/air feels and how the nature looks.

Five Things Friday - Hawaii Edition Ocean I get to run in beautiful surroundings and usually by the ocean. And I know I complain about it sometimes, but it IS kind of nice to be able to know approximately what the weather is going to be like ALL YEAR LONG. No snow storms surprising me here!

Probably the #1 reason Hawaii is awesome – I get to enjoy it with my best friend:

Five Things Friday - Hawaii Edition LOVE

I could probably make this list a little bit longer, but these are some of the main reasons I fall in love with this island. Over and over again.

(Yet, it still doesn’t really feel like home.)


What are the top reasons where YOU live is pretty awesome?