Five Things Friday – The Ev Goes AK Edition

First of all – Happy Friday friends! Thought I’d share a Five Things Friday post after A LONG time of me not doing these posts (err.. Or blogging at all) and what better way to celebrate one week in Alaska than sharing five photos representing great, great things about being here?!

Five Things Friday - SNOW
Do I even have to say more than that?! OK, I’m born and raised in Northern Sweden (and spent most all of my school breaks in Norther Norway, above the Arctic Circle) and I have been far far away from that reality for a long time now. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sunshine, white sandy beaches and palm trees but it’s not what I’m ‘made of’. I haven’t lived in a place where it’s snowed since 2010 and I know this might sound really odd, but.. I have missed it, a lot! So last weekend when I checked AccuWeather and saw that there was a chance (yes “chance’, not ‘risk’) of snow I was overjoyed. The fact that it was actually snowing all day long and that at the end of the day there was a good amount of snow all around… Even better!

Five Things Friday - Cat
Pet love.
Our cat Oscar had quite the adventure getting up here with me last week (over 13 hours in the carrier!), but he was such a good boy! Once we got here he quickly settled in and he seems so incredibly happy to be here with us. There are many windows in this cabin (even skylights!) for him to look through, and there are birds and squirrels and flies and other creatures moving around out there which seem to really entertain him. Plus.. He, like me, LOVES the fact that there’s no traffic, no pedestrians right outside our window etc etc. Peace. And. Quiet. <3

Five Things Friday - Run
Running here is pure bliss.
I’ll get more into that in another blogpost, but for now, let’s just say: Freedom, fresh air and beautiful views!

Five Things Friday - Yoga
Peace, quiet and my own spot for yoga.
Since I haven’t been blogging much you might not know that I’ve been LOVING yoga lately?! Well, through work I was connected with this wonderful massage therapist and yoga teacher who owns Body Reflects in Seattle. After struggling with bad anxiety and stress through the winter I found yoga to be amazingly helpful and I am forever thankful for what Carlie brought to my life by opening my eyes to the practice of yoga and making it something I value and make time for in my everyday life.

Five Things Friday - Nature
It is very likely that you, if you follow me on instagram/twitter, have already seen a TON of photos of views from up here.. But I don’t even know how it’s possible NOT to want to share this beauty with you all?! Since I set my foot out here I am so incredibly happy, and thankful, for the opportunity to live here for a while. To be surrounded by nature, true and real, is something I have always loved and wanted for myself and the people I love. Nature is.. Love.