Five Things Friday 2/7/14

PocketFuel Love

1. PocketFuel!

Monday was one of the happiest mail days in a long time as I received a package containing PocketFuel goodies. I wrote a review of PocketFuel’s nut blends, but have yet to try their Cold Coffee Brew energy shots. Those were included in the package, so I am pretty excited about that. Plus, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I didn’t only receive PocketFUEL, but also a perfect soft t-shirt + an awesome PocketFuel edition of CleanBottle!

  Ocean Love

2. Nature

Nothing makes me as happy as being close to the ocean. Or just in nature. In my “goals” for 2014 I mentioned how I want to get better at seeing the beauty that surrounds me, to make sure I am thankful and appreciative of life. So far, so good! I’ve been really good with opening my eyes to the beauty around me (and actually, inside me too), breathing it in and being one with it. It isn’t that hard when you can see whales breaching in a distance, smell the ocean and spend time enjoying it all with a person you love.

My brother is still pretty fly.. Photo by my younger brother, Sondre.

My brother is still pretty fly.. Photo by my younger brother, Sondre.

3. Vote for my brother!

I know I already asked for help in my last blogpost, but this is serious business and I will ask you, once again, to maybe take a few minutes and vote for my brother so that he might have a chance of becoming “Newbie of the Year” in the Swedish Skateboard Awards coming up here soon. You can find the instructions here, it’s easy and I am very very thankful for each and every vote.

Kindness is Contagious

4. Random Act of Kindness #RAKweek

February 10-16 is Random Act of Kindness Week. Why am I mentioning this you might wonder? Well, early this morning I was sitting with my coffee downtown Hilo, enjoying the morning sun and people passing by doing their thing, when suddenly a stranger stopped in front of me, said “Aloha, here’s a flower for you” and handed me the above pictured flower, then walked away. It may seem like that’s not that big of a deal, but that simple (and random) act of kindness made my day! It had me thinking about how much those nice random interactions and/or gestures toward people around us really means. Later today I happened to see a tweet mentioning #RAKweek and I, of course, had to share it with you all. Because.. That smile, or random act of kindness, you give to a stranger might just make their day a lot brighter?! And most likely they will spread the smiles and kindness to others. It really doesn’t take much does it? Not for me anyways.

5. The Olympics

I don’t know how many hours I have spent watching the Olympics throughout my life. I remember how dad and I stayed up all night long to watch the summer olympics of 1996 in Atlanta, how my Norwegian mom and I have cheered our Norwegian skiing stars on until our voices were nowhere to be found, the numerous times my Swedish friends have been jealous and/or putting down on “me” as the Norwegians beat them.. Again. This year is no different, my heart is beating as I think about watching the Norwegian and Swedish athletes compete. But yeah, there’s just one thing that’s bothering me (which you’ve noticed if you follow me on twitter) – I can’t find a way to watch the Olympics this year. I’ll be checking updates on Twitter and several news sites like a CRAZY PERSON.

Per usual I was posting my Five Things Friday as Friday in other parts of the US had already turned into Saturday. That’s life in Hawaii, always a little bit behind..


Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? 

When did you last do an unexpected random act of kindness?

Do you watch/enjoy the Olympics?

…did you vote for my brother? ;)