Five Things Friday 12/6/13

It’s Friday, and that means Five Things Friday is coming right up:

Since going vegan I’ve been feasting, more than usual, on quinoa. My favorite is red. Quinoa have so many health benefits – it is packed with protein (contains all the essential amino acids we need) and fiber, magnesium,  folate B9, iron, thiamin B1, riboflavin B2, and vitamin B6. It is one of my big favorite sides to whatever meal I’m having! Plus, it fills me up in a great way (without that heavy feeling, you know)!

  Back to Training Running towards my goals

I’m back to actually “training”. Since I’ve had some down time with being sick, lacking motivation etc I have been just running with my heart. For smiles and kicks. Starting Wednesday I decided to actually get myself in gear and step it up – I’m getting ready for a new year, with new goals and most importantly: more races! Mileage is getting upped, strength and mobility is back in focus and while I’m still running with heart and a smile on my face I am now focused on the future, not just running “here and now”.


Photo credits: My dear brother.


This app is a staple on my iPhone. It is one of the best for me to stay connected with my family on the other side of the globe. We text almost daily, share random photos like the one above (my 18 year old brother sharing his dinner with us) , videos (mostly skate videos from my brothers and sometimes it’s as simple as the words “Kram!” (hug!) or “Saknar er!” (miss you!). Without Viber and Skype (less used, but when we actually do Skype we tend to talk for hours) I would be lost. No, scratch that.. Without MY FAMILY I would be lost.


As I’m new to the US and the holiday Thanksgiving I didn’t stress too much about the fact that we wouldn’t have the chance to celebrate it due to my husband working (yeah, tourism doesn’t take holidays). He is a total lover of Thanksgiving and was very bummed about not getting to have a nice dinner with friends, family and.. Turkey. While we didn’t actually celebrate (other than with a vegan pumpkin pie a few days before) we made sure to really show each other that we are thankful for each other which in stressful times like now was… More important than I could’ve imagined! Thanksgiving also made me think a lot about my life (surprise!), my wonderful friends and family and how lucky I am to have what I have – a life full of love.

More Smiles

More smiles coming up!

Positive changes to come

As I mentioned the other week – we are moving. We still don’t know where, but we ARE moving. This brings along a lot of stress and makes me somewhat a bad blogger, but in the end of it all this is a very positive thing. We are moving closer to my husband’s work and closer to town (Hilo). This will not only give us a bit more time together (as it is now my husband is gone about 12-15 hours a day due to long workdays and a long commute) but also some extra money to do fun things with. Dates, running gear for me, a trip to Sweden! The positives doesn’t end there – with us living in/close to town I will be able to get a job (well, if anyone actually wants me haha!) and maybe even find some friends (read running buddies!). Hurray! Excuse me, I have to stop writing now and head back over to Craigslist and the Property Management groups I’m stalking as of lately..


What are your must-have apps?

Favorite food?

Have you already set any goals for 2014?