Five Things Friday 12/27/13

  New hood

Running and Virtual Partner

Love it. As you all know we just moved from the jungle to town (Hilo) and I have new running routes to explore. PLUS, there are other runners around here which keeps me more motivated than normal I’ve noticed. The only downfall with having lots of people and cars around is that I keep wanting to RACE THEM ALL. Keeping an easy or moderate pace ain’t happening, so far. Therefore, from today on I will be using the Virtual Partner on my Garmin watch to keep my pace slower – I can’t go long if I’m going to constantly race, crash and burn!



Due to not having any family here, and the fact that my husband is working pretty much non-stop during the holidays (peak season for tourism, his zip line is on fire) we didn’t celebrate Christmas. The only gifts we got this year were toys for three homeless boys. The only Christmas decorations  we had up was a Santa Claus snow globe and my inherited Advent candle holder. We have been watching some of our favorite Christmas/holiday movies though, and I’ve been enjoying holiday tea (which for me is cinnamon/apple flavored). For my Christmas run I put on my Run Janji top to #runforanother (see below).

Christmas Day Run


Christmas Skype

I love them so so much.


As we don’t have the interwebz installed at our new place yet, I have been spending some time at Starbucks to be able to stay in touch with family, check my mail etc. For Christmas Eve, which is when we celebrate Christmas back home, I got to Skype with my family. While sitting on Starbucks I don’t know if my family were more excited about seeing me or “being inside” a Starbucks. (There are NO Starbucks’ around where I’m from, can you imagine that?!). Anyways, I am thankful for Starbucks letting me see my family and stay connected to you all. Oh and have I ever mentioned I kind of like coffee. Just a little bit..?! I do (love it!).

No blogging

Looking forward to a New Year 

I recently tweeted that I won’t be blogging about my training leading up to the Hilo Half in March, but I can tell you training has officially started and I am seriously stoked about it. Feel motivated and inspired and am totally ready to make 2014 a good, no GREAT, year!



I can not stop mentioning that I want all of you to get a RoadID. I love mine and keep it on at all times. I would really love to know that you stay as safe as possible while running/bicycling/hiking/living your life – and the RoadID is one of the things you can keep around to do that.

SKORA Love Your Run banner


Are you a coffee drinker?

Have you set goals for the coming year already?

Do you own/use a RoadID?