Five Things Friday 11/22/13


You might have noticed I’m stressed a lot and not as active on the blog as usual? (This is an indirect excuse to why I’m a “bad blogger”.. ). The reason is – we are about to move again, third time in 2013. Yay?! I’m part happy about it, part totally stressed out and just getting anxious/paralyzed because of everything that has to get done before we move (that’s when I end up in the couch with my planner and the cat..). Oh and.. We still don’t even know where to move and we have to get out of here December 15th at the latest. Hurray?!

  trail running Trail Running

If you follow me on Twitter (or read my blogpost A First and A winner) you’ve probably already learned that lately I’m all into trail running. Actually to the point where I’m obsessed with it. As soon as I get back from a run I want to head out on another one and I want to run ALL OVER this island. No, all over the world. Oh the possibilities and freedom that comes along with not having to follow roads?!

  RawRev Raw Revolution

I won a sample pack of the bars Raw Revolution from VegRunChat last Sunday. They arrived yesterday and I’ve already had two of them. So. Tasty.

  Snow Snow

I know I am lucky to live in Hawaii and that most of you think Hawaii is PARADISE. It is, for most people. And even for me sometimes, but really.. My paradise is at home, playing in the snow around our mountain cabin in Norway and really.. Just spending time, smiling with my loved ones and getting to hug them daily. I see these photos posted by runners in Colorado etc, they are getting snow and I am completely honest when I admit I am.. Jealous. I usually do my very best to stay away from jealousy because it does no good, I try to instead always be happy for others.. But when it comes to winter (or seasons in general) I can’t help it. I MISS it!

yard work Yard work

Because of the upcoming move I have a lot of yard work to get done. The house we’re renting is on just shy of 1 acre of land and the jungle quickly takes over so I feel like I’m fighting a never ending battle with the weeds (jungle plants). I really want the place to look it’s very best when handing it back to the owner, so.. It will be worth all the hard work on the end… But sigh! I’m glad I at least found my favorite tool (pictured above), the machete is pretty much the only tool which will do anything about the weeds.. Never would I have thought that I’d be this good with handling a tool like that.



That was my Five Things Friday (I know, it’s already Saturday for most of you..)!

What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be running?

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