Fifth Week of Running Post Injury

It’s already been five weeks since I started running again after my foot injury. I can’t say that I’ve been running far, fast or even a lot but I’ve been running and that’s what’s important.

This week has been kind of a mess actually. It started out with a move and than a full body plant and then some more moving. And on top of all that I’m still struggling with my crazy female hormones. There’s been a lot of crying, a lot of screaming and a lot of times I know, sitting down to write this, that the best thing I could’ve done about all that would’ve been to just go out and run but I lost it. That fall and all my crazy lady emotions just threw me off the wagon for a little bit. I must admit too that the fact that I’m just not in the running shape I was is making me fear my runs. It. Is. Rough! I didn’t do hardly any cardio during my 7 weeks off and even though I worked the shit out of my muscles (I AM stronger now) my stamina is just waaaay down there. I know that this, with a little bit of patience and hard work, will sort it self out in no-time. But right now… Phew! I’m weak.

Anyways, my running this week:

Run March 18thMonday March 18th, Run #12

3.92k, 26:04 minutes, Average pace 6:39


handWednesday March 20th, Run #13

1.72k, 11:41 minutes, Average pace 6:49

Umm.. So this run didn’t go very well. I thought I was going for a 5+k run but then suddenly I dropped down on the dirt and that was it. Or no, I continued running to our old house to clean up (a distance of half a mile maybe). That was it.


Run prep March 23rdSaturday March 23rd, Run #14

4.87k, 33:02 minutes, Average pace 6:47

After Wednesday’s crash on the side of the road I felt kind of sketched out by running again. I know, I’m weak like that. But I took it easy and ended up having a nice and very sweaty run. Did some intervals and stopped along the road to chat with some kids that were selling crafts (painted lavarocks) and of course forgot to stop the watch while doing so. Was hoping to get a 5k in this week, but this was close enough – there just wasn’t time for more running than that during Ssaturday. I went straight from the run to carrying furnitures and stuff that needed to be moved from the old house to the new one. Totally forgot to stretch and roll and ended the week with waking up Sunday feeling stiff and in need of a serious stretch session. No worries, I got it done after one hours strength workout at home Sunday morning. The (in)famous foam roller caused me some serious pain and I was shaking as I finished it up, with a smile through the pain. Oh, what would we do without that love/hate relationship with the roll?

Total distance: 10.51k

Total time: 1:10:47