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I joined the Runners Tell All Linkup in February, giving you the short version of my running story (in 250 words), and now it’s time for a new topic – Favorite Running Gear! If you would like to join (pretty please do, because this is so much fun) – write your blogpost and link up over at The Lady Okie or  Sunshine to the Square InchWithout further ado, let me introduce you to my favorites..

My Favorite Running Gear


Favorite Running Gear - New Balance Hat

As I’m running in Hawaii, sweat a lot and usually have the sun shining on my face I always wear sunglasses and/or a hat. As of lately I have mostly been rocking only hat since my husband stole (and cracked) my cheap sunglasses. To make up for his mistake, he bought me a new running hat (the one I had before was.. um stained by mold from the jungle, stinky and.. ugly) – it’s from New Balance and it’s purple since I seem to like purple a lot nowadays.. I normally don’t like wearing hats as I look like (and feel like) a total goofball in them, but it helps a lot with keeping my head cooler and it’s great to not be blinded by the sun. One of the most important things though – the hat catches most of my sweat and keeps it out of my eyes (see above. That was an easy 3mi run.. Yup, I sweat).


 As for apparel.. Since I first heard about Oiselle in 2012 I have been pretty obsessed with their apparel. They do such an amazing job with design and it doesn’t hurt that they have created an inspiring strong community with focus on empowering women in running. As for me, I don’t own that much of Oiselle (if I had the money I’d be ordering things from their site non-stop as there’s always something I’m really craving), but what I do own I am completely and utterly obsessed with.

Favorite Running Gear - Oiselle Roga and Strappy

Since I first started using their Roga Shorts I barely want to use other bottoms. Every single time I put my roga’s on I feel like a superwoman – confident, strong and ready to FLY. I just ordered another pair, the Jade green ones pictured above. I also took the leap and ordered one of Oiselle’s sport bras – the Strappy Bra. Love the look and feel of it and it makes my female “bouncy parts” happy and non-bouncy!

Favorite Running Gear Distance Shorts and Stellar

Other Oiselle favorites are the Stellar Stripe tank and Distance shorts (and a pair of Black Roga, because that’s my go-to). Great fit and, like with the Roga’s, they make me feel good. I love that, I really want my running apparel to give me a boost, to WANT to get out running. NOW! The distance shorts have been used mostly for long runs when I need to bring fuel as they have awesome pockets. Yeah, my favorite running apparel is all Oiselle at the moment. You probably already knew that if you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter as I tend to wear the same things over and over and over again. Because.. Love ’em!

Favorite Running Gear - Garmin 405CX

I started running in May 2012, and for my 30th birthday later the same year, I got this watch. I had only been a runner for a few months by then but I felt the need for a watch with a HR monitor. I had until then used RunKeeper and the Nike+ app and it worked fine, but I really wanted to step it up and started researching watches. As I had limited cash to spend on the watch I looked for  a mid-range priced watch and read TONS of reviews before I decided on this watch – the Garmin 405CX. It’s served me well (except for the hours I’ve spent waiting for the watch to connect to satellites. Sigh!), it’s the only device I use to track my runs and it gets to come along on 80% of my runs (the rest of my runs I do “naked”).

Favorite Running Gear - CamelBak2

Every once in a while, when running longer and/or heading out later in the day when the heat has caught up on the island I bring my old CamelBak with me out. It’s an old version of the Classic, which actually is a bike pack (but works good for me when running too), carries 2l and it has a pocket to bring fuel along in. Plus, I can strap a banana or two on there when I feel like fueling like a monkey.


I always wear my RoadID. Not just when I’m running, but 24/7. RoadID makes me feel safer, I know that if something would happen to me, my name, birthdate and most importantly my husband’s phone number is right there on my wrist. I know my husband likes that I have my RoadID with me at all times, as he can be sure that he would get to know if something ever happened to me while out and about. Not to be pushy or anything, but if you don’t have one you should look it up. Curious? You can read my review of RoadID here.


Favorite Running Gear Injinji

I use Injinji socks for running (when not running barefoot in shoes). I love them! They keep my feet blister free, comfortable and able to perform to the max. I have the lightweight and Original weight Run 2.0 socks and am planning on getting more of them as they really are the best.

It is hardly a surprise what I am going to mention as my favorites when it comes to shoes?

Favorite Running Gear - SKORA

Fact: I am a SKORA Running girl. That’s the truth. I transitioned to zero drop and SKORA from Asics last spring and haven’t regretted my decision once. With SKORA I am one very happy camper – I love how they let me run happy and natural (REAL), how they fit, feel and how they look. I use them not only for running, but also for hiking and everyday wear (who said running shoes don’t go well with a dress?!). Yes, I can honestly say that I love everything about SKORA’s shoes. I rotate between four different models of  SKORA – the Form, Phase, Base and the latest model – the Fit. I could go on and on about SKORA and my love for these shoes, but I’ll leave you with a link to my review of the Fit for now.. (PS. If you have any questions about SKORA I am always happy to help – just shoot me an email!)

Favorite Running Gear - GladSoles

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Since before I transitioned to zero drop running I was doing short runs/strides barefoot. Yes totally barefoot, no shoes no nothing. I did this to work on my running form and to build up strength in my feet as I came back from an injury. At first those barefoot runs felt weird, and a bit painful, but I grew to really like running barefoot. Enter GladSoles. Last fall I was offered a pair of GladSoles to review and I jumped on it since I had been curious about running in sandals for a while plus, I thought the GladSoles looked pretty awesome! They were. No, they are. I use my GladSoles for short runs, trail running (oh, how I miss that since we moved to town!), a LOT of walking/everyday wear. They make the perfect “barefoot” addition to my shoe rotation and they really are amazing everyday shoes for me here in Hawaii + look great!

Favorite Running Gear -Roll Me Up

One more thing that I can not NOT mention is the foam roller. Since I got my foam roller we’ve been best buddies. Well, sometimes when we’re hanging out I say some pretty nasty things and call it bad names. But that’s the way it goes with any love/hate relationship, right? My foam roller together with strength training and yoga has saved me from many uncomfortable niggles and sore muscles.


What is your favorite running gear?

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