evelinloves #5



As a runner you’re always more or less focused on staying hydrated. Throughout the days and during runs. There are people who preps their long runs by placing water bottles on the route they’re going to run, people who run with a hydration pack, with hydration belts or handheld bottles. I’ve been doing some of my longer runs with a CamelBak and as much as I like the fact that I can hydrate throughout the run I really dislike having the backpack on. And not to mention the sloshing on the back! When I saw the Hydrosleeve mentioned on Twitter I was STOKED. This is an armband that carries 6-8oz of water (which might not be a lot of water, but it’s something and honestly that’s pretty much the amount I seem to be drinking while actually out running)and it’s supposed to be non sloshing. There’s also the fact that you can drink without having to do more than lift your arm toward your month and drink – this means you’d still have both hands free at all times. I love it! This product is right now featured on IndieGoGo where you can help them out AND pre-order your own Hydrosleeve.




running with music - ptmd

I’m not a marathoner, but I am a runner. And this blogpost called Post-Traumatic Marathon Disorder (PTMD) had me laugh out loud. I definitely know I’m guilty of doing some of the mentioned signs.. This blog, Running With Music, is also a great spot for getting some new inspiration when it comes to running music.




hüma straw + eve

Hüma Energy Gels! Have I mentioned them before? Well, I guess I have. But I think you should check them out (either trough my review/giveaway or through their website). If you’re gluten intolerant or if you’re anything like me when it comes to having bad stomach reactions to energy gels, electrolytes or protein powders – this would be worth trying as fuel. No problems. And wonderful taste!



Q: Do you have any favorites from this week you want to share with me? Music, foods, books, running gear, whatever? I love to hear what you’re up to out there!