evelinloves #4

twitterI started using Twitter in August 2012, when I realized that I am a runner. My newfound hobby starting in May 2012 ended up being something that would take a huge part of my life and being my #1 way to deal with everyday life AND to get/stay in shape. Since I started tweeting I’ve found so many great people, SO much support, inspiration and motivation but also information and some (a lot of) really good times. Tweeting with other runners about life, running, food etc is GREAT! I recommend you all to create an account and join in in all the fun over there. Find me here, lets get tweeting!




iPad readsIt’s been years since I last bought a “normal” magazine and since I realized I could read the same magazines on the iPad I’ve been super happy. Two magazines I read on the pad regularly (am subscribing to both of them) are Runner’s World and National Geographic. The first one, obviously a hit because I love my running. I go back and forth in the downloaded issues on the iPad and read articles/watch pictures and get inspired and helped on the way to becoming a better runner. National Geographic on the iPad is… Amazing! That magazine has always been one of my big favorites, but now with the interactive version on the iPad it’s (believe it or not) even BETTER.



ProCompressionI had been dreaming about getting myself a pair (or more) of Pro Compression Marathon socks since October 2012 when I won a pair in a giveaway on a blog I follow. I was sooo happy when my pink socks arrived and even though this was right at the time when I got injured I’ve been using the socks a lot. And to be honest, I NEED more of them. They Pro Compression socks are comfortable and they feel SO good while working out or after a leg workout/run. I even sleep in them sometimes and wake up with happy happy legs (Yes, I still freeze even though I live in Hawaii, so no.. It doesn’t get too hot sleeping with the knee high socks on).



Q: Do you read magazines/books on your tablet/phone? Do you use compression apparel? If so, what are your favorite brands?