evelinloves #3

It’s Friday! That means I’ll continue to share some of my favorites. This week I’ll share some blogs/blogposts I don’t want you to miss out on:

Run Like A Grl - Abs By AprilI’ve mentioned the challenge Abs By April (#AbsByApril) before and I will again, as I love the initiative taken by Megan. Every Sunday Megan from Run Like A Grl sends out an email to us participating in the challenge. She’s attaching the workout for the week which is perfectly made with information on the exercises and also photos to show how to perform the workout. She had a great guest blogger (Kayla from Fit Life Forward) tell us a little bit on how to work on those Abs By April from the kitchen. If you’d like to join the challenge, sign up here! I sure enjoy doing the weekly workouts and every Sunday I’m looking forward to getting a new one to my inbox.




Fit Girl. Happy Girl. - Planking for RunnersI’ll continue on the same subject to explain this #plankaday thing I’ve mentioned here on my blog. Hannah who’s the owner of the blog Fit Girl. Happy Girl. recently posted a blogpost with some great information on the planks and why it’s so good for us runners. Read it and get inspired to get down on the floor and do some of the variations of the planks! Your whole upper body will thank you!




Live Travel Eat and Run - Lets TalkLet’s Talk! – that’s the name of a blogpost on Amalia’s blog Live Travel Eat and Run. Amalia is one of us many out there who are living with depression. This is, as you might have realized if you saw my blogpost about “my darkness”, a subject that is close to my heart. I am happy there’s people put there, like Amalia, who are open with the fact that they battle, have been battling or is living with mental illness. The more we an talk about this, the bigger are the chances that we’ll break through that wall of shame and feeling of being unnormal that many of the people live with while being affected by mental illness for whatever reason. We NEED to be able to be honest, talk about our feeling and NOT have to be ashamed. At the end of the day we are all HUMAN and we all have our different difficulties in life. And it is totally OK, we just have to do our best to reach out for help, find solutions and be brave – whatever we are fighting against.

Amalia is right in so many ways when she’s writes:

“I refuse to be silent! I refuse to not talk about the fact that yes, I was diagnosed with depression and yes, I live my life with it daily.  I try not to recoil from the sentence “But you look so normal!” That’s because I am. As are most people who live with mental illness. Struggles are a part of life; my struggles are just different than yours”



Happy Friday!