evelinloves #2

Last Friday I wrote about three of my favorite things last week. I’ll do the same today:


running for dummies

Who is really a runner? Do you consider yourself a runner? This is a question that is brought up every once in a mile in the running community online. I, myself, have been thinking a lot about it to. Could I really call myself a runner after only running a few races and not getting 30 miles in per week? I didn’t think so, but I’ve come to realize that I actually am a runner. You don’t have to run far or fast to be a runner. Running for Dummies brought this up in a great blogpost last Saturday and I feel like this is something we all could need to think about. Head on over and read Lea’s post right away if you are practicing running but not giving yourself credit for what an amazing thing you’re actually doing!



Before and After

Photos by Sacha Goldberger

A while ago I stumbled across these photos and I love them. The photographer Sacha Goldberger met these runners and photographed them right after their run, and later invited them to come to his studio looking just like they would in their “normal life”. What a difference! Isn’t it interesting how different we can look in different situations of our life?! I especially love the “raw”, pure and strong look of the runners.




My foam roller. Oh, I’m happy I have it! I got mine after having a little bit of trouble with my knees last summer and to be honest, the first times I used it I.. Hated it. At least while I was at it. But after just a few times of using the red roll I felt a total change in my legs while and after doing my runs. Nowadays I love spending time with my roller, it hurts sooo good and my legs feel so much better when I keep using it regularly. They aren’t very spendy either wich is a reason to look into buying one if you don’t have one already. Deep tissue massage done by yourself, at home, whenever it suits you? Can’t get much better!


music apps

As I am from Sweden(where Spotify was started) I was introduced to Spotify a bunch of years ago and have been paying for a premium account for a long time now. I love it! Since I started running I’ve been so happy to be able to make playlists for free and being able to use them online when out and about doing my thing. But lately my husband has convinced me to try out Pandora some more and I have to admit I like it too.. Not as much as Spotify as I can’t bring Pandora with me as I run (due to the online demand), but it really is a great way to find new music. Two of the most used apps on my phone right now!