Evelin And Scandinavia The Background

Evelin and Scandinavia 2014 The Background

I am born and raised in Sweden, yet I am a Norwegian citizen. Even though I have only actually lived in Norway for a short period of time I have a strong connection to the country. This is most likely because my mom, who is Norwegian, has always been very very proud to be Norwegian. She immigrated to Sweden in her early 20’s and is awesome with the Swedish language, but yet as Norwegian anyone can possibly get (or maybe it’s just because of the emigration from Norway?). She taught me Norwegian, she (and my dad of course) had me spending 98% of my school breaks in Norway and.. Yeah, let us just say she really made me Norwegian.

Evelin and Scandinavia

So my passport says Norway, and I am proud to be Norwegian, but I am also half Swedish by blood and upbringing (I had double citizenship, but was stupid enough to say ‘thank you and goodbye’ to the Swedish citizenship at age 18). My life happened in Sweden and I have many memories from the places in Sweden which I have called ‘home’ throughout the years.

Evelin and Scandinavia - Kånken

Evelin and Scandinavia – literally.

Since I started the immigration to the US in 2012 I have been homesick a lot. Life here in the US have been good, but there has been many challenging events and periods and this meant my trip back home to visit my family got postponed, over and over again. This spring it was finally going to happen! And then, of course(?), something sad happened and the trip didn’t end up being all happy happy as I had hoped/planned. But, I still got to go home (and leave the island for a while, much needed)!

During the 7 weeks I spent overseas I traveled to a few places. Some new ‘acquaintances’, but most of them very near and dear to me. The kind of places that makes you take a deep breath and feel.. At ease. At home.

I was also lucky to get to spend some real quality time with my closest family members. That is something I have been missing A LOT. To be able to hug my brothers good night – a luxury I hadn’t had for about two years before this trip… Ahhhh! One thing that my husband is amazed by when it comes to my family and I is how ‘close’ we are to each other. How we are always 100% there for each other and that there is a VERY unconditional love between us all. I have to agree, we are a tight knit family (but far from ‘perfect’) and that might have made my homesickness even worse being apart  from them all for so long (yes, two years is a loooong time for me) – but it also made the reunion SO much better!

Evelin and Scandinavia and Family

Precious time with the family.

Needless to say (?) I have had many reasons to smile. Not just because I have been reunited with my family, but also because I have had the possibility to visit my homes (yes, I still feel like all these places are home even though I have moved across oceans and created a new home with the husband). One of the amazing things with being away longer than normal from your special places is that once you go back you REALLY see the beauty and appreciate what these places have to offer. The memories are strong, the smells and views familiar and safe. Ahhh.. I could go on and on.. And on.

Ok. Now you know the background, the reason for my trip to Scandinavia. It wasn’t a normal ‘adventure’ or a ‘vacation’ – my focus was mainly on spending time with my loved ones. In my next blogpost I will recap the time I spent in the first location – Drøbak, Norway.

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