Ev Goes WA

Hi, it’s me again  – this time writing from Seattle, Washington.Say what?! Yup, I’m no longer in Hawaii since my husband and I packed up our things, took our cat in our arms and left for Seattle and new adventures in life!


To a lot of people Hawaii is equal to ‘paradise’, but Hawaii isn’t our paradise. We arrived to The Big Island in June 2012 and since then we’ve been through wonderful times but we have also struggled a lot, enough to to make us realize that Hawaii just isn’t our spot in the world. The sun, the beaches, the beauty just isn’t enough to make it worth it to us.

Ev Goes WA  
We are both longing for seasons, but one of the biggest reasons for us to move is that we want to be closer to family and friends. With my family/friends in Sweden/Norway and with C’s family/friends spread out on the west coast we will now have a possibility to actually see them all, and et some quality time with them.

Don’t get me wrong now friends.. Hawaii is awesome! It really is.

The Big Island is gorgeous and I love that I got an opportunity to explore and get to know that place. If you ever find yourself on the way to the Big Island, let me know – maybe I can help you find some good spots?

Ev Goes WA

So.. As of Thursday night we are back on the mainland and we’re here to stay. What’s coming up next? The future will tell! For now we are settling in with our friends and their two English Bulldogs is Seattle, getting ourselves set up for mainland living and focusing on adventures, happiness, friends, family and each other.


I will try to get a “Best of Evelin’s Hawaii” blogpost together sometime soon, but first.. A run, dinner and a beer with our friends and a few moments of rest after the stressful big move across the ocean.

Btw, I am REALLY excited to be closer to a lot of you, maybe even close enough to actually get to see you face to face and share miles and smiles sometime soon?!

 On a less serious note, I just read this article this morning and there were definitely some nods and ‘yups’ happening. Once again, do not get me wrong – Hawaii is AWESOME.

IMG_7776 Q:

What is the biggest move you have made? 

Have you visited Seattle and do you have any must-do’s to share with me?

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