A new month has begun! As if that’s not reason enough to celebrate, it’s DECEMBER!

Since moving to the US, and maybe specifically hawaii, I have felt kind of disconnected when it comes to Christmas and other fall/winter/spring holidays. I’ve definitely been more jealous of all of you who are blessed with seasons, than I’ve been happy about living in a place where there’s.. Well, pretty much only summer. All. Year. Long.
Now, don’t get me wrong, it IS nice with a lot of sun and warm days. It is. But you know, my Scandinavian body and mind is craving seasons (and SNOW!) so badly.
However, this December I have decided to keep my mind (and body) occupied by some things. One of them is a secret, the other one is…


What? Run 1mi (or more) every day through the month of December.

How? One foot in front of the other, and so on. Doesn’t have to be fast or fancy, just run.

Why? Because. Why not?!

I’ve been wanting (and needing) a challenge for myself for a while now, and this feels like the perfect one for the time being.

You see, I have some other things going on in my life and I don’t have nearly as much time to run as I’ve normally had. I’ve still been running, but it’s been a true struggle to find time/energy for longer runs and I admit that have left me just skipping some runs instead of running shorter runs when possible.

However, the truth is.. I have NO EXCUSE not to run 1 mile. I ALWAYS have at least 20-40 minutes (I’m thinking 1mi/cool down/stretch/quick shower doesn’t have to take much longer than that?) to spare no matter how busy my day is. I will probably try to say that “I just don’t have time/energy”, but this time around I won’t listen to myself.

So yes. December will be the month of “Evelin Streaks”.


I know it’s December 2nd already and that this Tuesday is close to coming to an end (if you’re in a different time zone than I, which is very likely), but feel free to join the streak ANY day of December.. Tomorrow is an AWESOME day to start too, because it’s never too late to start a new, healthy habit right?

If you decide to join me for #DecemberRunStreak, YAY!

Do you need some help on the way? Some extra motivation? Tweet/instagram and tag me (@evelinruns) and use the hashtag #DecemberRunStreak and I will do my VERY BEST to cheer you on (too bad we can’t actually run together, but social media makes it feel like we’re at least almost doing this together) and keep you motivated to get those December miles in.

Will YOU join #DecemberRunStreak?
Have you ever done a run streak?