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Five Things Friday – The Ev Goes AK Edition

First of all – Happy Friday friends! Thought I’d share a Five Things Friday post after A LONG time of me not doing these posts (err.. Or blogging at all) and what better way to celebrate one week in Alaska than sharing five photos representing great, great things about being here?!

Alaska, I’m in you!

Moving stress got to my brain and on Thursday I totally thought I was going insane. Hence this photo sent to my sister in law.. Brain. Fried.

Things have been moving really fast lately here in my little universe! C got a job in Alaska and…

2016 - Oh the beauty of life!

2016 – Where did YOU come from?!

2015 is all of a sudden long gone and we’re in the second month of 2016 – pretty amazing!

A few quick updates from the ‘Evelinverse’:

It’s been almost 10 months since Oscar, C and I took our bags and moved across the ocean to settle down on the mainland again. It’s…

October Week 2 – A summary

Half of October has already passed?! Time sure is flying by.. totally fine with me though – I can’t wait to go to Seattle Oct 25th and then finally get my love back with me second week of November after two months apart. (It should be against the law to be apart that long as…

October Week 1 – A summary

The first week of October is coming to an end. I must say it’s been a good start of the month. Earlier this week I set up my October Goals and I’m thinking I’ll do a follow up on it.

Me + Yoga = True

It took me years and years of wanting to try yoga before it actually became reality. About 20 minutes drive from where I live there’s this amazing woman who runs a Massage place and two times a week…