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#100HappyDays Day 8-14

Week two of my #100HappyDays challenge:

Are You Running with Music?

Since I started running I’ve had my iphone or ipod with me most of the time. I even ran “Did You Survive the End of The World” 10k with my iphone in my hand/inside my bra/in my shorts because I forgot…

evelinloves #2

Last Friday I wrote about three of my favorite things last week. I’ll do the same today:


Who is really a runner? Do you consider yourself a runner? This is a question…

Top 3 Running/Workout Songs #3

My Top 3 Running/Workout Songs #3:
The Smiths – A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours
Elizabeth & The Catapult – Race You
Deadmau5 –…

Top 3 Running/Workout Songs #1

I’ve mentioned before that I always run with music. Without my dear Spotify running on the iPhone during my runs I feel lost (to be honest, I haven’t gone without music more than maybe 0,5K).

I ALWAYS want new music ideas to add to my running playlists and I’m thinking that I’ll share my Top 3…

Music to my ears

Since I started running I haven’t gone a single run without music playing on my iPhone (using Spotify). I love getting inspired and motivated during my runs and music is a great way to keep pushing through when it starts getting hard out there.

Unfortunately I’ve been bad with finding new running music…