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Five Things Friday 4/4/14

It’s April! And it’s Friday! Let’s celebrate with a rather late and random (as usual) Five Things Friday post from yours truly.

Random Updates on Life & Blogging

I have all these great ideas for blogposts but as I sit down to actually write a blogpost the ideas and/or my words are POOF GONE! This results in countless drafts and no actual new blogposts. So I figured I would just spew out what’s on my mind lately in this post and…

My Valentines Weekend – A Vacation

Last Friday was Valentines Day. Yup, I know most of you have already tweeted or blogged about your valentine or how you celebrated the day.. I am a bit late here, but I was busy and I admit I’ve never been big on celebrating Valentines Day. I know, I’m a bit weird huh? Nah not totally at…

Five Things Friday 2/7/14

1. PocketFuel!

Monday was one of the happiest mail days in a long time as I…

Happy Days and PocketFuel Winner!

The last week or two I’ve been dealing with a little bit of a grumpy calf so my running has been suffering a bit. I took  four days completely off over last weekend to let the calf rest a bit, and have slowly started running again…

PocketFuel Review & Giveaway [closed]

 I received a sample pack to do a PocketFuel Review here on Below you’ll see what PocketFuel is and what I thought about them..

Who are PocketFuel Naturals?

Vegetables, Sun and A Run

An update with some true randomness from the Big Island of Hawaii in the shape of (mostly) pictures.

 Thursday Runday

Out With the Old, In With the New

It’s the start of a new year (ok, the new year has been going on for a while already)and both the blogosphere and twitterverse are full of New Years Resolutions and Goals for 2014. I thought I would start with a little recap of 2013 before I go on to sharing what I…

Five Things Friday 12/6/13

It’s Friday, and that means Five Things Friday is coming right up:

I’m craving all the red quinoa. #runger #vegrunchat

— evelin (@evelinruns) December 5, 2013

(Red) Quinoa

Since going vegan I’ve been feasting, more than usual, on quinoa. My…

Five Things Friday 11/22/13


You might have noticed I’m stressed a lot and not as active…