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Five Things Friday 12/6/13

It’s Friday, and that means Five Things Friday is coming right up:

I’m craving all the red quinoa. #runger #vegrunchat

— evelin (@evelinruns) December 5, 2013

(Red) Quinoa

Since going vegan I’ve been feasting, more than usual, on quinoa. My…

Five Things Friday 11/22/13


You might have noticed I’m stressed a lot and not as active…

Five Things Friday 11/8/13

1. I’m running again. After being sick for a WHILE this makes me happy. Happy Happy Happy!…

Friday Favorites – Swedish Fall Edition 9/20/13

It’s Friday! The weeks are passing by SO  fast, aren’t they? It’s (almost) officially fall and the further into “fall” season we get, the more homesick I get. So this Friday I’m bringing on the Swedish edition of Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites 8/2/13

It’s that time of the week again, the ever so happy Friday! For those of you who work or go to school this might actually mean something special. Two days off, full of freedom and happiness (and most likely some glorious running too, right?). For me, being unemployed and all, Friday is just…