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Five Things Friday – The Ev Goes AK Edition

First of all – Happy Friday friends! Thought I’d share a Five Things Friday post after A LONG time of me not doing these posts (err.. Or blogging at all) and what better way to celebrate one week in Alaska than sharing five photos representing great, great things about being here?!

Friday 5 – 3/27/15

Yet another Friday and a chance to share a Friday 5 with you. This week I figured I would show you my “Top 5 moments of the week”, let’s start from number 5 and move towards the best “moment”..

evelinruns - Friday 5

Friday 5 3/13/15

Another Friday is here and since I haven’t done a Friday 5 in a while, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of my favorite products as of lately.

Friday 5

It’s Friday (yes, still very much Friday in Hawaii)! I haven’t done a Friday 5 in what seems like forever, but, since it’s Friday the 5th and also Day 5 of my #decemberRunStreak I figured I’d make it happen AND make it a little different this time, so here goes:

Day 1

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

I have been back in the US/Hawaii for a month now and it feels like an eternity. Yet I haven’t been able to start publishing my Vacation Recaps, simply because I can’t open the folders with vacay pics due to there being photos of my uncle’s house, family and his funeral in there….

Five Things Friday – Hawaii Edition 4/25/14

Five Things Friday Hawaii Edition – FIVE reasons Hawaii is pretty awesome in my opinion:

Five Things Friday 4/4/14

It’s April! And it’s Friday! Let’s celebrate with a rather late and random (as usual) Five Things Friday post from yours truly.

Five Things Friday 2/21/14

A few of the super…

Five Things Friday 2/7/14

1. PocketFuel!

Monday was one of the happiest mail days in a long time as I…

Five Things Friday 12/27/13


Running and Virtual Partner

Love it. As you all know we just moved from…