“Big Dog’s New Year’s Resolution 5k Run” – Race Recap

Resolution 5k

This, the last Sunday of 2012 was a race day for me. I’ve decided to get as many races in as possible to get used to dealing with my nerves and just running a race and today I got to run a fund raising 5k for the food bank in Hilo, HI (the registration fee was ($5 or a canned good”). Big Dog is the nick name of Wayne Joseph who is a big name here on the Big Island when it comes to the running (and sports in general).

pre-race me

This was a cute little race with a lot of (ok, maybe not more than 100) happy runners/walkers joining in on a grey and rainy Sunday morning. My husband and I got up and driving around 5.30am and got to the start/finish meet up place on Coconut Island in Hilo approximately 45 minutes before the start. As we all got ready to start running/walking the rain wasn’t too bad but let me tell you it got worse after the race started. I got SOAKED through all clothes and had to “squeeze” water out of my shirt three times during the five k’s. Even running in Seattle rain seems like nothing when compared to today’s rain..

rainy blur

As always before a race I got nervous and I did my best to keep thinking “this is not a serious race, just run your 5k’s and be happy you’re doing it” and “forget about finishing time, just get through the course” and as I lined up for the start I realized I was surrounded by people way more serious than I – and that became even more¬†apparent as the start signal went off – people around me took off SO fast and I got caught up in it for about 500m before I managed to slow myself down and “do my own race”. And after that I did. I enjoyed running in my new Brooks PureConnect – they feel great! So light and easy to run fast in!

all about the shoes

here we go

The rain kept falling on us out on the course, harder and harder, and at the end I started to get a little bit ennoyed with my shirt for sticking to my body like glue.. But whatever, I enjoyed being out there meeting (passing/getting passed by) a bunch of happy runners. There were a lot of cheering from runner to runner out there and that is always nice! In general, I think we should take the time and energy to smile with and cheer on each other – even when it comes to racing.

finish 1

finish 2

My dear husband was a trooper standing in the rain (trying to get away from it under a tree) waiting for me to finish. He might not be a master with the camera but he managed to capture some of my moves going toward the finish line. With all the blur going on you might actually be fooled to think that I’m faster than I am?! My finishing time for the 5K was 25.46 and that is… A PR!

drippin wet

Soaked but very content with my race I got into the car (REALLY happy I had brought a dress and a pair of dry undies, which I quickly changed into right there on the parking lot on Coconut Island) and got going to Starbucks for the usual post-race coffee.

My last words for today (and I’m not going to be ashamed of it): I’m so freaking proud of myself! When I started running in May I could barely run more than 1 mile and here I am running 5k in 25.46 and 10k in 58.23?! I rock!