Barnana Review

Barnana Review – New Flavors!

Earlier this summer I was contacted by Barnana asking if I was interested in doing a Barnana Review. Since I had tried Barnana (and loved them) before, I was eager to try the two new flavors out!

Barnana Review Logo Who and what is Barnana?

It all started in 1981 when my father began dehydrating bananas from our backyard in Southern Brasil. These chewy bananas tasted, sweet, lasted for months and were loved by our family and friends. Today, I am proud to share my Pai’s secret… – Cauê

Caue Suplicy grew up eating dehydrated bananas back home in Brasil. When he in 2001 moved to California doing triathlons as a pro, he used the good old superfood banana snacks to fuel and recover from his training. In 2010, he decided to find a way to share the natural potassium high banana snacks with the world – by founding Barnana! Today the dehydrated banana snacks are available in four different flavors – Original, Chocolate, Coconut and Peanut Butter. All Barnana snacks are Non-GMO, natural and organic – a healthy snack for us all (bananas or not)!

Barnana Coconut

Coconut Barnanas by the ocean!

So what did I think about these snacks?

I reviewed the Original and Chocolate banana snacks here (hint: I love them!), so now let’s focus on the new flavors Coconut and Peanut Butter. The Coconut flavored Barnanas were GREAT! I enjoyed them to the max all times I had a few (I made a point out of making them last for a while since.. You know, I didn’t want the greatness to end). These banana/coconut bites are chewy, naturally sweet and very tasty. I love the added texture and flavor that the coconut gives the banana bites! They are raw, gluten free, natural and vegan! Makes me think “Why oh why are people buying nasty artificial candy when nature (with a little help from people) is offering us things like this?!” – this is WAY better and tastier than candy, I tell ya!

Barnana Review Coconut

Two ingredients – organic bananas and organic coconut. LOVE!

Unfortunately the Peanut Butter Barnanas aren’t vegan so I couldn’t try these. I was a bit surprised, but mostly sad, to see this as I am a lover of all things peanut butter and maybe especially paired with banana. However, my husband got to try these very tasty looking banana bites out for me. He really liked the consistency of the peanut butter glazed banana and said that the flavors go together  really well (My thought: Well of course they do?!).

Barnana Peanut

One thing I really appreciate when it comes to snacks (and foods in general) is great and thoughtful packaging. 1. An aesthetically pleasing package can make the whole difference for me if trying to decide between different products. 2. Packaging that is resealable will always have my heart. 3. A major plus is recycled materials.

Barnana has created a great visual concept which reflects on the products they are offering. The themed packaging and the website go so well together it almost feels like there’s a Barnana world somewhere out there. It also makes it a lot easier to spot the product when shopping around at the store. I also adore Barnana for making their packaging seal up between snack times as I personally rarely finish a whole bag at once.


All in all, Barnana is a HIT for me! My only minus is that the Chocolate and Peanut butter Barnanas aren’t vegan. Bummer for me, but for those of you who aren’t vegan/plant based – GO GET ‘EM (and ENJOY for me too, ok?)!

Disclaimer: The product was given to me for free, to try and do this Barnana Review. I have not been compensated in any other way by Barnana. The opinions in this blogpost are mine and mine alone, and have not been controlled or affected by the company mentioned in any way.