Barnana Review and Giveaway [closed]

By now you all know I live pretty much in the jungle. I use a machete to fight the weeds (tons of crazy jungle plants and ferns) which are constantly trying to eat our garden. What could be more suitable than banana snacks for a woman like me? Seriously.

Barnana sent me two bags of banana snacks to try out and I was happy as could be when they showed up at my door step – so let’s get going with this Barnana review and giveaway!

As the chocolate junkie I am I right away dove into the Chewy Chocolate Banana Bites and I pretty much found myself unstoppable. These are SO tasty! The chocolate and the banana go oh, so well together and I really had to fight myself not to eat them ALL before my husband got home from work. I usually let him try my snacks just to see if he’s into them (he’s normally into the more.. synthetic kind of snacks/sweets), and these ones were a big hit not only with me but with him too. I’m very glad I finished the Chocolate Barnanas as fast as I did because suddenly I went vegan, and these ones are unfortunately not vegan but they are however gluten free and organic. Love it!

The Original Chewy Banana Bites (pictured above) are also amazing! And hey, the ingredients list on these ones are as follows: Organic Bananas. One ingredient, yet (or maybe more likely, because of the one single ingredient?) so so tasty! If you like bananas that is, because these are really BANANA, in a slightly different shape and look than that of the bananas we get in the store, but they taste both amazing and fresh while the texture is great! Healthy treats to “go bananas” over for sure!

What I really love about Barnana is:

1. Raw

2. Always organic

3. Taste = amazing!

4. Few and great ingredients!

5. Lots of banana goodness, like potassium and healthy fibers.

6. Great packaging! Easy to grab and go + it keeps the Barnanas fresh!

Because I really enjoyed these snacks I love the fact that I now get the chance to share the Barnana greatness with one of my followers. Yes! It’s giveaway time! Barnana is giving one of you a 3-pack of Barnana of your choice. Enter the giveaway below.

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Disclaimer: I was sent two packages of Barnana for free to do this Barnana review, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions in this blogpost are mine and mine alone and they have not been controlled or influenced by Barnana or anyone else.