Back in Hawaii, #100HappyDays & All That

I am back in the US!

Tuesday night I arrived to Kona after a 50 hour long trip from my old hometown in the Northern parts of Sweden. I have been busy during the 7 weeks I got to spend back home. Busy grieving, loving, smiling, crying, playing etc. It’s been a real adventure, and I can honestly say that those 7 weeks flew by WAY too fast. I already, after a few days back in Hawaii, miss my family SO much. However I’m all charged up on love/energy from my loved ones and I’m ready to get going with “normal” life over here.

  #100HappyDays Day1

What happened to my #100HappyDays? 

Since I was so busy LIVING (and a lot of times lacking proper internet connections etc) I got way behind when it came to posting my 100HappyDays photos (I actually took photos daily, probably way too many photos daily because my computer, phones, external harddrives etc are all filled up with pics suddenly. Whoops!) and I have come to the decision to start over. Not because I haven’t been focusing on the happy things every day, but because I have been bad sharing them with you. So. From today I will re-start, from scratch, with the 100 days and I will focus on getting them posted on Instagram.

How’s the running thing going?

Oh, it’s going! I was REALLY enjoying the lower temperatures back home, and as you all know I’m not crazy in love with the Hawaii temperatures/humidity when running.. So I’ve started back up slow since getting back here, and I will keep taking it easy and do my very best just enjoying being back running in my old Hawaiian ‘hoods  and getting my heat groove back (I don’t think I ever had any of that?).

And how am I feeling?

Good, thanks. The grieving business is still hitting me hard from time to time, but I feel like I’m alive again and that is a nice feeling. I admit that the grief got the best of me for a month or so, which I actually am totally ‘fine’ with. After all, I did loose a near relative of mine who has played a very important role in my life. I am happy to be back with my husband (and cat) and I feel like I have more focus, energy and smiles to offer this time around. Going back home was a much needed “treat” for me – my family and friends are so important to me and they give me so much joy.

What happens next?

1. I will be back blogging, with running updates (duh!) and hopefully some kind of recap regarding my long vacation. Is there anything special you would like to see/hear about from my stay in Norway/Sweden? Let me know!

2. I will be running a bunch and looking for a job. Not necessarily at the same time.

3. We’re focusing forward, looking forward to be done with the next step in my immigration progress.

4. There will be lots of smiles. And sun!

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