Alaska, I’m in you!

Moving stress got to my brain and on Thursday I totally thought I was going insane. Hence this photo sent to my sister in law.. Brain. Fried.

Things have been moving really fast lately here in my little universe! C got a job in Alaska and we decided to move from Seattle.. Due to the season starting soon he quickly took off and I was left with the actual moving business and travel prep for me and the cat.

Finally, Thursday May 12th, I finished the move out process in our apartment (lease is almost out anyways – great timing!), packed my bags up, brought my cat (in his carrier) and jumped on a plane to Alaska.

Always a good time to #HitReset with some legs up the wall action.

Always a good time to #HitReset with some legs up the wall action.

After a pretty long and tiring wait at Fairbanks Airport (2am to 10:30am) we caught a shuttle to our final destination for the summer – Healy, AK. Around 1:30pm Oscar (the cat) and I walked into the cabin that will be our home for the coming 5ish months.

I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time here.

After the last few weeks of moving stress (+ full time work) and the trip I was pretty excited about the gorgeous sunny day and some unplanned time to myself. While Oscar explored his new home I settled in on the deck, got some yoga (and a nap) in and hoped that C would have time to swing by and say hi to me sometime during the day. He did, and informed me that we were going to a chili cookout that same evening. FUN! I’ve never been to any kind of cookout before and definitely enjoyed having a little outing and get a chance to meet some of the people working with C.


Coming back from the cookout I was totally ready for bed, but couldn’t help but staying up soaking this up for a while.

I have since getting here been feeling happier than I have in a long time. The fact that I’m done with the moving and finally here, together with C is of course an obvious relief, but a big part of it has to do with how similar the nature is to what I’m used to from back home. Sitting in the van from the airport to Healy I felt like I could just as well be in the car, with the family, heading to our cabin in Northern Norway. I LOVE IT!

Our driveway, the dirt road.

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I know there will be challenges with being up here too, like for example the fact that we are fairly isolated and far from stores and restaurants, and I know C will be working a lot which is just part of the seasonal life. However, I am determined to make this summer an incredibly awesome one, and I cannot wait to get outside and get to know the area a bit better soon. The less time spent running around doing errands etc – the more time for running, yoga and other precious quality time with myself and my loves.

I’m still kind of settling in and learning the ropes of this new-to-me area but trust me, I’ll be back with more photos and more info very soon!