A trip to Oahu and back

I just got back from a quick trip to Oahu. It had to do with my ongoing immigration process and I didn’t have nearly as much time there as I had wanted. But a little exploring is better than none, for sure.

During my 32 hours on the island I got to meet some amazing friends, see some fantastic places, walk about 13mi, eat great food and drink awesome coffee and it all looked a bit like this:

Oahu bound

Waiting for the flight to Honolulu. Prepared with the necessities of course.


Susie, blogging at Longrunergy, and her sweet Winnie came and picked me up at the airport and took me to Lanikai and up the Pillbox for a little hike. Stunning views, and great company!

Oahu Views

Ahhhh… The beauty.


Oahu Peace Cafe

Susie took me to the all vegan place Peace Cafe where we had some VERY nice sandwiches. YUM! Definitely a great spot to go for vegan, gluten free and even soy free options. Loved meeting you Susie, you totally made my day. Thank you!

After the lunch at Peace Cafe I got dropped off at the hostel I had booked for the night, and let me tell you – there is a reason for me not having a single photo from that place AND that reason was probably why I kept walking around the city instead of hanging out. All good, I really just needed at bed for the night.



After a long walk I stopped into Ruffage Natural Foods – a great little store with great people and very nice fresh food (a lot of vegan choices)!



Celebrated having my appointment done with some Nuun…

Oahu Selfie

..and a walk downtown to meet up with Heather (blogging at A day In Our Hawaii Life).


Oahu Fresh

Heather suggested we could meet at Fresh Cafe downtown and that was just.. So awesome! I enjoyed every single bite of the food, and more so; I loved the company!

Since I had only had a shot of espresso on my way to the immigration appointment I was dying for some coffee and Heather took me to the best coffee I had all weekend, at Morning Glass. YUM!

Oahu Morning Glass

 Heather and I said goodbye and I walked (through Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx.. Ehm, cannot believe I have NEVER been to any of those stores) to Ala Moana Center to meet up with Jo-Anna, blogging at My Endless Summer. It was so nice to meet yet another amazing runner that I’ve gotten to know online the last few years!

I was about to run out of time and I decided to make a run back to Nordstrom Rack on the way to the airport to pick up a dress that I was drooling over. Because.. I “needed” it! So pretty. So stressful. But so worth it! Hurray!

That was it. I kind of wish I would’ve taken more photos, but I guess I was just busy enjoying everything instead. So so nice with a break from the Big Island and Hilo, although I admit getting back to a clean home and a loving husband and cuddly cat wasn’t bad either.. :)