A Love Story a.k.a My SKORAs and I

When I first saw SKORA Running shoes around on Twitter and visited their website I right away knew a love story had been born. At first somewhat a unrequited love story because we had actually never met. But lately, that love story has become REAL. I finally gave in and ordered those shoes I’d been more and more intrigued by and spent HOURS reading about and looking at (literally drooling over) online. I mean, come on! They are beautiful shoes?! I can’t imagine anyone really seeing a photo of them and NOT be impressed, or at least very intrigued..

And the reviews all over the running community, on blogs and twitter, said great things. The shoes are not just good looking but also great running shoes, which can take you further AND treat your body well for more than the normal (for traditional shoes) 300ish miles? I was sold. I knew I needed to get myself a pair. So yeah, I did. And I got two pairs – the Form and the Base. (It might be suitable with a little bit of a warning here.. CAUTION: Tons of pics of SKORA/my legs coming up!)

A love story - SKORA and I

My SKORAs and I

As I started my journey back from my injury I had my golden opportunity to transition into these shoes with no pressure. And boy/girl, do I enjoy the journey I’m on! Since before I had the SKORAs I’ve been doing short barefoot runs and really feeling the benefits from them and now also from running in these shoes. My feet are loving it and so is my running form! The way I feel after switching to these shoes from my old ones is.. Something else(as in awesome)! The efficiency in my movement and the natural feel is so great. With the SKORAs I feel like I’m flying. I know, I’m not that fast but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like I am. SKORA is all about “real running” (Maybe you’ve seen the hashtag #RunReal on Twitter? Well, that’s SKORA for you!) and I totally get it. No actually, I FEEL it!

My SKORAs and I

My SKORAs and I

I’ve been using every time I leave the house as an excuse to wear my SKORA shoes. Honestly to the point where the question is no longer “What shoes should I wear today?”, it is “What SKORA shoes should I wear today?“. I’ve been using the Forms mainly for running but also everyday wear, and the Bases for hiking/everyday wear. If I’m going to the store or into town to run errands I love being able to slip my Bases on my feet, without socks, and just be ready to roll!

My SKORAs and I

I’m a terrible poser. Like in I kind of hate it. That’s why I suddenly start scratching mosquito bites when husband is trying to take a photo of me.. But hey, at least he got my pretty shoes on the pic!

These shoes are zero drop, which means there’s no difference in toe and heel elevation from the ground. However, these two models have a stack height of 13mm with insoles still in, which means the soles of your feet will be separated from the ground by 13 mm. The Form have asymmetrical lacing which I really like. It seem to take a lot of the pressure off the foot where for some people too tight lacing might get painful or numb the feet. The Base have a crossed strap system which closes with velcro and they fit like a sock. And they really feel like a sock! Both models have a heel strap which you can tighten to get the shoes to really hug your heels, I really like this because I have pretty narrow heels and have had some problems with this in the past.

My SKORAs and I Form

I’ve been transitioning into these shoes from my old traditional running shoes and am very happy with them. If you are curious about the shoes, head on over to SKORA and look around. They have an awesome blog too, with a lot of tips and tricks that can help you with your running – like transitioning into their shoes or just improve your running. I love this blog and am always happy when they update.


Um, to be completely honest I’m already craving more of the SKORAs and wouldn’t be too surprised if I gave in and ordered more in the near future.. There’s just too many great looking shoes to want more than one (two in my case) pair!

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about anything regarding SKORA Running shoes, transitioning into zero drop shoes or whatever. I’d be happy to help (please note though, that I’m not a professional runner/coach – I simply love to run and am always happy to help or motivate others out there)!