A First and A Winner

what I keep in my pocket

After having my normal cup of coffee Saturday morning, I stuffed my short pocket with a delicious PocketFuel and set out for a run on my “usual road”, I was happy to get out for a run and I really needed it. Now that isn’t too odd, when it comes to someone who’s actually a runner..


But then suddenly, out of nowhere, my heart told me to make a right where I usually make a left. Not that weird, you might think.. But you see, taking a right at that specific spot leads you right into the jungle! My heart decided I was headed out for my first real “off road” run!

"Trail head"

I started out being worried. A lot. The first 10 minutes or so all I could think were things like “What if there’s a weirdo or maybe wild pigs out there in the forest?” and “I hope I don’t trip and injure myself, that would be just my luck..”. But then I got into the groove of things and just went for it. I enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would. I made my way through the nature, smiling (actually even laughing while running?!) and my body felt surprisingly steady and not even once was I close to falling over. Say what?! Successful first trail run, check! A first which felt absolutely amazing and left me energized and happier than in a long while.


Down by the ocean

PocketFuel Vanilla Haze



Heading back home

Back on the usual road

That was my run in a bunch of pictures (and my first ever video on the blog?!). My pace wasn’t crazy fast, but hey.. Does that really matter when you’re having the time of your life and loving nature to the fullest? I say NO.

Moving on to what you might be here for.. The GIVEAWAY WINNER!

I recently had the chance to try and review Somersault Snack Co’s sunflower seeds snacks, and I was so happy to get to share the goodness with my followers in shape of a giveaway. The giveaway ended last night, and the lucky winner was randomly chosen:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congrats Laura! Please send me an email to evelinruns[at]gmail[dot]com (within 48 hours) with your address info. Thank you all for visiting, reading the review and entering the giveaway! I always love being able to share what I love with you!


Are you a trail runner?

What are your fears and/or joys when it comes to running on trails?

If you haven’t already tried trail running, is it something you would like to do in the future?