2016 - Oh the beauty of life!

2016 – Where did YOU come from?!

2015 is all of a sudden long gone and we’re in the second month of 2016 – pretty amazing!

A few quick updates from the ‘Evelinverse’:

It’s been almost 10 months since Oscar, C and I took our bags and moved across the ocean to settle down on the mainland again. It’s been a heck of a whirlwind, but life has been.. Pretty great. While we weren’t planning on staying in Seattle upon arriving here in April last year, things just fell into place and that happened. Crazy! And GOOD.

  2016 - Sibling love

My brothers visited from Sweden and it was MARVELOUS. Their first trip to the US and much needed precious family time for me. I live a long long ways from my family, and I admit it is harder than I ever thought it would be. I find myself being less homesick for the physical place (Sweden/Norway) but I miss my family and friends more and more. Until this winter none of my family members have had the opportunity to come over the the US and see where I live and learn more about my reality here. I REALLT miss actual face time and the ability to just hug my loved ones. So yeah, having the bros here was magical! We had a nice Christmas and I absolutely loved every second with them.

REI Clearance

Running and yoga. Yoga and running. These are my things right now (surprise?!). I’d love to add more hiking and climbing to the mix, but I’ll get there in time (need a Drivers License for more freedom and accessibility to trails!).


Things I (still) love: Injinji, Oiselle, Nuun, Plantronics, Soleus and the good ol’ SKORA. I’m sticking mostly to the same gear as I have before, with some additions in Plantronics (Backbeat FIT wireless headphones) and Soleus (GPS Turbo). I’ll be writing more about these things and a few other exciting things here soon.

I’ve been low on spare time and energy and in desperate need of rest, so needless to say, blogging hasn’t been top priority but I have promised myself to cut some time out to get back here and share some updates, talk about running and life. Truth be told, I miss blogging. A lot. So, here’s to a year with more blogging and more spare time and more smiles and running.

See you around friends!


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