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A Run Through the Good Old Tunnel

A Quick Update

Fear not my friends, I am alive! Although I really am terrible at updating the blog, twitter etc as of lately.. Shame on me?! Just popping in here for a quick update to let you know I still exist. Kinda. 

I have been overseas, or home like I…

#100HappyDays Recap Day 57-63

Still going “strong” with #100HappyDays. I love how this challenge have kept me focused on positives every day, even when darkness have been eating me due to my uncle passing. Life is coming back to me slowly, but surely. Or at least, so it feels at this very moment…


Anyways, #100HappyDays 57-63 recap coming at ya:

#100HappyDays Day 50 - 56

#100HappyDays Recap Day 50-56

The #100HappyDays challenge keep moving forward. I can’t believe I’m already halfway through. Like mentioned in the last recap I have had some troubles keeping up, but I have managed to gather glimpses of light and happiness in my life daily anyways.