Monthly archives: February, 2013

Lazy day and Abs By April

After a night of really bad sleep husband and I had a lazy kind of waste of a morning, until we decided to head down to the park down by the water. We were definitely continuing being lazy over there, enjoying egg sallad sandwiches and iced coffe while writing, reading, watching the waves crash against the lava…


As I’m not running or working at the moment I have a lot of time to spend on the computer/iPhone. And you probably know what that means? Yes, you’re right – LOTS of blogs/tweets/websites to check out. I want to share a few of my favorites right now with you.

#RunnerPhotos – A Photo-A-Day Challenge

For the month of February Wendy over at OneToughMotherRunner have created a photo challenge specific for running related photos. I’m excited and will try to remember to upload a photo every day. Join it if you feel like it? The more the merrier!

Pic from OneToughMotherRunner

You will find…